Project 365: Week 10

March 11, 2012

Week of March 4-10

Snow! We had snow on Monday. See I told you, winter is not over until it is over! I’m glad my daffodils seem to have survived though.

These first two I took from my car at my trainer’s. I wanted to document the snow and then I saw the black birds on the drainage ditch grate.

Winter's Last Gasp? Copyright SnipeWife

I liked the mood the black birds evoked. Because I’m not a bird expert I am just assuming here that these are just common black birds and not crows and certainly not ravens. At least not the “quothing” kind… ;P

Black birds on drainage cover. Copyright SnipeWife

Next, after a scary night and morning with Crook (limping just makes the heart pound but thankfully it is just arthritis and an old shoulder injury) I went to my friend’s and blew off all volunteer obligations for the day.

I chose to take pictures of some of her “Piggies”. She is avidly involved in guinea pig adoption and owns at least 10 of her own. T1 had her first paying job pet sitting for her over the summer. Her teens return the favor and watch our house and pets for us.

I'm innocent! I swear! Copyright SnipeWife

These just look like snack food for our greys!

This little piggie ... hmmm, looks like greyhound snack food to me! (No piggies were harmed in the taking of this photo!) Copyright SnipeWife

The girls and I had a cookie booth at a local lodge. I thought a fun picture of them with their shoes and the lodge carpet would be cool. T1 refused to participate so we took her shoes anyway.

Fine. We'll just play without you, T1. Copyright SnipeWife

T1 had soccer practice with her new team (I will have to post on that soon) but T2 had nothing really to do after she got bored with the school playground so she grabbed my Kindle and began reading. She loves books.

The new way to read! Copyright SnipeWife

Lastly, a friend, who I can’t wait to see at my scrapbooking¬†weekend (though sadly with her husband’s new duty station will probably be the last time we meet) sent this fabric sample to me. She said I was the first to come to mind when she saw it. It is a little over 2×3. I don’t know what I’ll do with it–either a large floor pillow or a wall hanging (T2’s suggestion). It is just the bomb and my friend is awesome sauce for sending it to me!

Schumacher fabric sample called "Diamond Dogs". What an awesome gift!

Next week, in honor of my birthday and considering how busy I’m going to be I have something special planned for my Project 365 post… stay tuned!

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