Five Minute Fridays: Empty

March 9, 2012

Empty Coffee Cup

So the Gypsy Mama gives a topic and we’re to write, unfiltered and unedited for 5 minutes and then link back to her, giving encouragements to other bloggers.

The topic this week is: Empty.

It is 7:10 AM. I wish I had a coffee habit to fill but I don’t. I feel like my patience quota is on empty but really this isn’t bad. It has been much worse.

I’ve written before that one of the lessons I’ve learned in this “life” is that routine is important for the children and a sanity saver for me. Yet mornings still remain hard.

I am thankful the mornings are no longer plagued by physical pain. Just “I’m not a morning person” attitude. Which T1 seems to share. I know it is a choice how I respond to her but I also know she and her sister make choices about whether to pick on each other or argue over who feeds the dogs. And therefore they can ultimately set the tone for the day.

T1 just asked if she could walk to the bus stop on her own. Part of me lives for the day when this is a regular occurrence and my mornings can be a little more mine, but my heart just suddenly flipped that one day the children will no longer need me. How empty will I feel then?



  1. Stopping by from the Gypsy Mama, and I’m glad I did. I’m with you–morning is not my favorite part of the day. Unlike you, I don’t have small people who need me in the morning. You Moms are really my heroes. You rise to the occasion and put self aside for the needs of others no matter what. WOW. That’s huge. Keep up the good work. And even when they don’t need you to take them to the bus, they still need you. They always will.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Some mornings I feel like the anti-hero and hardly selfless but it is all good.

  2. Oh I happen to be one of those morning people. Reading your post reminds me to savor the moment because seasons in our lives changes.

    • I hope I don’t struggle with letting them go–because, after all, isn’t it our job to make them able to fly on their own? I guess the little heart tug was to remind me to savor the moment as you said rather than have no patience with her. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My kids walk to the bus stop alone. This is the first year and mornings are truly my own. Still, there is always a tussle in my heart between being needed and wanting time for me. I don’t know how it ends except that one day we will realize we aren’t needed….how will I ever handle that? Thank you for sharing.

    • T1 was walking alone at the beginning but there were several abduction attempts in our county, one even in our subdivision, and while I petitioned to have the stop changed the county wouldn’t. I let her go this morning and I am assuming because I haven’t gotten an attendence call she made it safely, I probably won’t feel better until I see her this afternoon. In the cold weather I haven’t minded taking her to the bus stop (we drive because it is that far away and out of sight of my front porch) it has helped me get up and get going. In the warmer weather I may just use the excuse of needing to get a walk in with the greys as a reason to trail behind her and keep an eye on her. Thanks for stopping by!

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