Be Funny

March 7, 2012

My writing inspiration escapes me this week. I’m going to try this before we get to Mama Kat’s on Thursday or Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Fridays.

In last week’s Project 365 I mentioned that I found these great sayings on the arms of the benches by the soccer fields where T1 and T2 were having soccer camp. I want to post one each week and write on the topic. I looked into Linky Tools and have decided for the moment not to use it–because I make no money on this blog and because DH is making me do a budget, even the small price of just $2 a month seems a little frivolous.

That being said, if you post on the topic and want me to do a blog roll here, just let me know and I’ll get your blog on here.

Bench 1: Be Funny, Copyright SnipeWife

Be Funny.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, at others, something is missing. Laughter is so healing. A big belly laugh actually has health benefits. We need to do it more often.

DH makes me laugh. He makes puns an artwork. The faint of heart should not challenge him in a battle of the puns. When I have given up he is usually just getting started and the puns can last for several minutes more, each more groan worthy. He is not stingy with his praise–he delights when either I or the girls have come up with a good pun.

He shares with me the funny jokes he finds on his woodworking forums. He will do silly things for me and the girls. I’m glad about this. I’m glad that the girls have these memories. I have two pictures of my father in law, Bucket Head and Samurai Grandpa. When his children saw these pictures they stunned–“That’s our dad?” I guess my FIL let his hair down in his retirement from the military for his grandchildren. My own father is very funny with his grandchildren.

T1 & T2 know this side of their grandfathers but more importantly they know DH is a funny man.

The girls are funny too. T1 is “growing up” so we don’t see it as often but I hope the pictures and the stories always remind her to be funny. She is learning the art of the pun.

T2 is downright hilarious at times and she doesn’t even know it. DH almost drove off the road one time from laughing so hard he was crying as T2 sat in the back seat singing in her best lounge lizard tempo “Don’t call me a-Bossy _____”. The song had several verses and went on for the entire ride home.

I am the least funny. I am in awe of DH’s puns but I give it a try. But I enjoy a good laugh. I can’t wait for my scrapbooking weekend. Two years ago, I was PMSing so bad I was a basket case. I went out to the car to get a breath of air. I was talking with one friend when another came looking for us. I said, “Look out the front door and climb in the back seat.” What she heard was “We’re in the bath tub.” Five other friends came out and joined us, each climbing through the back door of the car and we suddenly had 8 Women in a Bath Tub. I laughed so hard it hurt. I felt so much better. It is a memory I will never forget–I try to remember it every time I feel a little PMSy. I understand there were a lot of jealous husbands after they heard about the bath tub.

Go out there and be funny! It is good for the soul.


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