Project 365: Week 8

February 26, 2012

Feb. 19What a crazy week! DH is gone. It snowed Sunday night. I told everyone we wouldn’t get snow until DH left. Thankfully it was a beautiful and temporary snow. But the weather systems with the Hi and Low pressure systems are totally giving me migraines!

First Snow

Feb. 20-21I had several appointments and some time on my hands on Tuesday. I spotted these garden statues and pulled over. There were about 4 of the lions. I liked the white and greys up against the purple building (which is a landmark in Downtown).

Regal Lions, Copyright SnipeWife

I believe the whole statue is supposed to be Hercules and this is him battling the Nemean lion(s). I took a picture of the whole statue but my car was in the background so I didn’t like the composition.

Nemean Lions? Copyright SnipeWife

Feb. 22-25It is cookie time! What is your favorite?

It is Cookie Time!

T2 has entered the science fair. She and DH have outlined the whole experiment which involved hydroponics. We needed some really fast growing seeds and this summer discovered that while they would not pollinate, spaghetti squash seeds will grow super fast. So we had spaghetti squash for dinner. Yum!

Let the Science Fair Begin!

What? No pictures of Crook & Heddie this week? Nope. But I did take them on a walk on Saturday. I decided to take a picture of a neighbor’s fake deer because I remembered our first walk around the block with C & H… H went on total alert, ears up, shoulders quivering. We had to tug her away from this curiosity. Not really pleased with the quality but I had to take it quickly before C & H yanked on the leash.

Mezmerizing Fake Deer

The sky was really pretty. I am wanting to find a solitary cloud to take a picture of in homage to Bob Ross’s Happy Little Cloud… but I haven’t yet. I did see this patriotic neighbor’s flag really taking to the wind (boy was it windy later!).

Patriotic Neighbors

One comment

  1. Very lovely photos!! Sometimes my dogs will bark at statues too … cracks me up every time. I have my camera here at work today so when I go on my walk hoping to find something creative to photograph 🙂

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