A Duck-Dog!

February 22, 2012

I really should save this for Dr. Seuss Day (March 2nd).


little d

David Donald Doo

dreamed a dozen doughnuts

and a duck-dog, too!

(Dr. Seuss’ ABC)

I have no idea what Heddie was doing or why that stuffed ducked ended up where it did! Copyright, SnipeWife

I do also have to say, our adoption group slapped our hands because Crook and Heddie have been photographed “naked” (without tag collars) on more than one occasion. Don’t worry, tag collars have been successfully employed.




  1. Gosh … at one point I knew that Dr. Suess book by heart!!!

    • We thought T1 was such a prodigy when we thought she was actually “reading” the book but she had memorized it word for word without actually reading! This was our favorite and she’s repeat it all the time. Now I have a duck-dog!

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