Project 365: Week 6 (really Week 7!)

February 19, 2012

Okay, so I may be missing the point of taking a picture each day, but I am still taking more pictures than I usually do.

Feb. 12 The church sign still hasn’t changed so on Wednesday night I went into the auditorium after classes and took a few pictures. I got some great ones of the mural in the baptistery but I’ll save those for later. This is the communion table.

In Remembrance of Me, copyright SnipeWife

Feb. 13 Crook and Heddie were sleeping Ying & Yang style and I took plenty of pictures of that but I loved how Crook’s legs were posed. I had no idea she could write Celtic runes! This is the shape of the Rune of Joy. Guess this means she is happy and knows how much joy she has brought us? (Thanks Brian Froud and Ari Berk, The Runes of Elfland)

Crook writes in Celtic runes! Copyright SnipeWife

Feb. 14-17 As usual, I took no pictures on Valentine’s. It was an unusual day… we were getting ready to have a house full of scouts so DH and I met at an Indian restaurant for a quiet lunch. I didn’t take any more pictures until later in the week on Friday when DH and I took one last walk together with the pups.

May the Lord Watch, Copyright SnipeWife

This first picture is of the back of a headstone on the battlefield cemetery we live next to… in fact our backyard was a battlefield and encampment for union troops. (Oops, another big hint on where we might live!) DH has left so I thought the Mizpah sentiment was appropriate.

North, South, East, West damage from all sides, Copyright SnipeWife

I’m not really sure how old this structure is but it survived the Civil War. DH was noticing that the building had markers for cannon and gunfire damage on all sides but the battle was fought in an East-West direction. Guess he felt there were an awful lot of poorly aimed North-South fire as well.

Composition experiment, Copyright SnipeWife

Just experimenting with composition with this shot. The sign with the historic building in the background, round and straight.

Union monument and guest, Copyright SnipeWife

This is a rather tall monument erected to the union soldiers. It overlooks a major road in our area. The little black bird on top was overlooking it all. I can digital zoom on my little PowerShotbut you lose quality. Again, makes me want to have a little better camera, but I really don’t need one.

Crook & Heddie as Cerberus, Copyright SnipeWife

Tired of getting great hind shots of Crook and Heddie or of them comatose on their beds, I wanted to get some front shots. DH was in the background of many. I like this one and they could almost pass for Cerberus but they are too sweet to be the guardians of Hades.

Feb. 18What a long day! In the middle I had to take DH to pick up his rental car. We passed this on our way in and DH said I had to stop and get a picture of it on our way home. I really wasn’t going to stop but DH pulled into the parking lot. I like it when he gets involved in my projects.

Rhinos on the Road, Copyright Snipewife

I had taken a funny picture of Heddie on DH’s camera that I wanted to include so I asked him to upload his camera before leaving. Unfortunately, I cannot find it on our shared network so I have to wait until I can talk to him to figure out where the picture is. Boo.


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