Mercy Ships: Opportunity to Serve

February 13, 2012

The congregation that I worshiped with during college was small and growing. I loved to hear about their mission trips undertaken almost as an entire congregation when the children I used to babysit were teens. They worked with various groups but I do know once it was involved with medical missions and the doctor of the congregation was providing his time and talents.

Mercy Ships

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I’ve often said I want T1 and T2 to go on mission trips when older. I want to go with them. I want them to experience first hand how blessed they are and how God can work wonders. I know many young adult Christians get involved in mission work when attending Christian colleges but 1., I would like to go as well, and 2., our children may not necessarily go to a Christian college. Neither DH nor I went to one.

(Note: T1 has already had the experience with our Teens of delivering donated goods and Christmas gifts to a residential school and orphanage in a more rural and economically challenged part of our state.)

I’m really not sure when I first heard about Mercy Ships. I knew about the U.S. Navy’s Comfort and Mercy but I did not know about this civilian program. I’ve asked DH to look into it and tell me more about the program. I thought it would be an amazing way to serve God and others as an entire family. In addition to the important lessons of serving others, we would be so blessed by the experience.

gCaptain writes:

Imagine a ship that sails into the poorest nations on earth to deliver world-class health care. Now imagine that the health care is absolutely free. This may seem impossible, but this is precisely what the international non-profit, Mercy Ships, does.

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has used hospital ships to deliver state-of-the-art medical care to developing countries. To date, Mercy Ships has performed services valued at more than $1 billion, impacting about 2.35 million people.

It is definitely something we’d need to pray about. DH’s professional license would be on the line. As someone accustomed to the lifestyle we lead this is a scary proposition. It is funny that gCaptain has published a great article about the Mercy Ship Program at this time. We have been studying Francis Chan’s Crazy Love and have moved on to Radical by David Platt, and DH is making me take the No Debt No Sweat 13 week course by Steve Diggs.

I think there would be some of our fellow classmates who would look at us and ask: where is your faith placed? where is your crazy and radical love for God? would it not take an amazing leap of faith in a situation of uncertainty to totally rely on God and let Him lead you?

I pointed out to DH maybe it is something we do as a family close to the end (or right after company retirement). T1 and T2 would be early college age. Maybe we do something totally unorganized and visit our missionary friends and say “just put us to work” for a month.

The possibilities are endless because God is limitless.

I guess the first step would be to pray and God will do the rest.



  1. Here’s a great quote for you! “Never place a period where God has placed a comma”, Gracie Allen. I love that idea that God always has a plan for us and it never involves sitting still!

    • I was thinking about this post when I found your blog. I think we are definitely in a “comma” phase, especially with my health. God has had a couple of other lessons for me to learn. I have a feeling though that He will continue to place in my heart a desire to do “something” whatever that may be and with prayer we will hear Him. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. […] face to face, not just out of our monetary blessings. I’ve said before I would love to do the Mercy Ships with the Chief and the girls at the end of his […]

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