Writing Workshop: Front Door

February 11, 2012
Colorful Door

Writing Prompts:

1.) Who was at your front door? (inspired by fam mum slim)

You know, I seriously must have been in the mood to rant the other day. I was expecting to provoke a few responses too. I can’t possibly be alone in some of my assessments about Social Media…

But I’m missing the opportunity again…

I have several funny stories about DH coming home unannounced.

I believe the first was either pre-children or when T1 was an infant.Ā I usually get a little notice, not a lot but enough to be able to plan accordingly and tidy up. Whether DH was calling me on a cell phone and pulling my leg or whether he just showed up I cannot remember. The doorbell rang and there he was. I screamed! “I’m not ready!” And I slammed the door shut. Yup. I’m that one. That crazy one.

Another time was in this house. It was around my anniversary. I had four customers in the house and I had lunch in the oven. Everyone kind of remembers hearing the front door open. I remember looking up into the kitchen and there he stood. I screamed! My customers laughed. I kissed him, sent him downstairs to surprise the girls. My customers offered to leave. I shrugged. “It’s not like the girls would let us have any privacy. Let him play with them now and then tonight after he naps, I’ll have my time with him too.”

Just recently we decided to surprise the girls. I knew DH was coming home, but they didn’t. The morning was going well. DH had checked in from the airport and had picked up his rental car. The girls were downstairs and I was tidying up the kitchen. DH quietly unlocked the door and let himself in. So I yelled downstairs, “T1! T2! You better get up here and clean up the mess I told you two hours ago to pick up!” They came charging up the stairs, “Yes, Ma’am, sorry ma’am!” Then stopped and screamed as DH stood there ready to give them a big bear hug.

Good memories. šŸ™‚ ā¤

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