E.o.t.T.: Friday Funny 2

February 10, 2012

I am cautiously, repeat cautiously, optimistic about new drug protocols for my PA. I will post more next week about that when I have more definitive observations to report on.

Today was a good day for training though. I made it through my usual Friday routine which includes bench pressing. After deloading 3 weeks ago we are slowly building back up the weight. Last week I benched 75 lbs. for 3 sets of 10. Today I benched 75 lbs. for 4 sets of 10. My trainer said next week we will stay at the same weight but go for 5 sets.

He also added a second heavy chain to my hips during my side bridges. I really don’t know the weight that adds but he decreased the time to 20 seconds per side.

So what was so funny about today?

I went in early because I had a doctor appointment (sleep study results–yeah, I’m surprisingly NORMAL with no apnea!). One client was just leaving, the other I was going to overlap with, the trainer, and the trainer’s almost 4-year-old son were all there. I barely get in the door and the little boy says, “What’s wrong with your hair?”

“What’s wrong with my hair? I’m losing it. Great. I get told I’m starting to look puffy from steroids and now its noticeable I’m losing my hair? Thanks. I needed that.”

Of course everyone is laughing at the point-blank question of this little boy.

I am too. But I go into the bathroom and I think two things: he probably hasn’t seen me since I got my hair cut, and hey, I actually styled and combed my hair this morning for the appointment later.

So I come out of the bathroom and announce this epiphany. “I know what’s wrong? He’s never seen my hair combed! I never care what I look like first thing in the morning but I have an appointment later.”

Of course my trainer is laughing even harder. “Never brush your hair!”

Of course he did offer to bring in his clippers and shave me bald and I’d fit right in with all the weight lifters. I may have to give up a little of my vanity but not that much!


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