This Week in the Life…

February 8, 2012

I hesitate to write this because I don’t want to sound too whiney. But there are some things that I need to say, that do have to something to relate to the topic of this blog. And besides, I have a few minutes to fill.

I’m not at training today. I’ve missed twice this week. And my weigh-in at the doctor on Monday was very disheartening. Sure I could blame the prednisone, but seriously carnitas on Friday, Subway on Saturday, and Logan’s Steakhouse on Sunday not to mention pizza for the Superbowl. Who are we kidding?

Good thing is that I am to come off the prednisone over the course of the next month. My rhuematologist agreed that I should have a better level of pain relief, should not be still taking the prednisone, and should not be having as many flair-ups. So starting today, if my TB test is negative, I get to start with a biologics injectable. We’re going to try Enbrel first.

Then no more excuses.

T2 had a cold last week. She bounces back after 36 hours. Then I get it. Probably why my PA flared up as my immune system said “Yeah, we need to work over time!” I have her cold much worse. It’s why I haven’t gone to training. Hard to work out when your head feels like it is in a vise and only one nostril is working properly. So much for E.o.t.T.

Yesterday DH got a call asking if he was interested in an international job. I have to tell you, my heart sank to my stomach. I know DH has always said he wanted to stay on domestic trade routes but I also know he can only tell the company “No” so many times before it affects his career. I’m trying not to borrow trouble. We have a lot in our favor–he was scheduled to relieve someone in just a few weeks time so that person can go to the conference we went to last March. DH also does not have the credentials to sail foreign… it would take several weeks of paperwork for that to happen. I did point out to DH that, although I’d hate it, he could try to pull the “due to the nature of my wife’s new drug protocols, I need to stay closer to home for the time being.”

Like I said, I’m trying not to borrow trouble, and trying not to worry. It’s hard when you don’t feel good. It’s even harder when you have to take some Unisom to sleep with only one open nostril and you know that Unisom taken repeatedly alters your mood. There is nothing worse than getting kicked while you are down.

It is affecting what I’m getting done. I have so much to do for scouts in the upcoming days that I am going to be relying on DH. I have to rally here, clear my mind and just get moving. Ugh. I haven’t even taken pictures this week. Good thing I took extras.


One comment

  1. That’s really tough about the potential for change in your husband’s job. I hope things will work out the way that you want them to.

    As for you and your health, you’ve had a lot going on, so I wouldn’t sweat the weight gain too much. Do what you can until you feel better. I know it’s hard to be patient, but it’s more important that you be healthy, both in mind and body.

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