Project 365: Week 5

February 5, 2012

Jan. 29 Church sign. I decided to focus in on the logo.

Church sign

Jan. 30 & 31 These are the Japanese silk paintings DH and T2 found at an estate sale auction.We know very little about them. I fell in love with them and wanted them for our dining room. The colors would pop on the Kashmir pink walls–and in Asian tradition a red colored room is supposed to aid/promote digestions. But we had no idea what to do about reframing them and preserving them from further damage.

Japanese Warrior on Black horse

Until I saw one of those new reality shows or design shows that said paintings like this would be framed in white. This would be perfect, again, in our dining room because the lower half of the room was ultra white wainscoting! The framing store recommended treating the silk with Lysol to stop the mold stains from spread and possibly even lighten them. I am very pleased with the results!

Japanese Warrior on White Horse

Feb. 1 This is called the Indian Punch Bowl. It is located on the banks of a river, at the fall lines. No one know how it was made or why. The carvings on this side look to be Indian symbols but the eroded symbols on the other side resembled an E and an S or 5 so I do not know if the symbol carvings are vandalism.

Indian Punch Bowl

Feb. 2 Near the Indian Punch Bowl are the remains of a river dam, an old mill, and walk overs to islands in the river. I just liked how the two trees flanked the walk. Of course this was at the time I remembered my Canon Powershot has a light source setting and I could specify “outdoors” rather than just auto white balance. I want a new camera but then I’d have to learn how to use it. 😛

Down the river

Feb. 3 Crook and Heddie do not know how to play. They do not know how to relax outdoors. We took advantage of the sunny and warm days to pull their beds outside to encourage them to just chill in the sunshine. They honestly do not know they can just lay down on the grass. I took this from our deck and thought “I need to get a hammock and join them!”

Crook (l) and Heddie (r) soak up the sun

Feb. 4 Again, if I had a better camera with better settings (or one I understood) this would have turned out better. So this represents my Fairy collection. This is my one male fairy (Peter Pan is not a fairy). He is just hanging out on the wall, watching below (though his feet are supposed to be flat on the wall). I love the soft colors. I like how the shadow had a strong outline.

Token Boy Fairy in my Collection


One comment

  1. Fun photos! Really awesome finds … seriously. I need to get out and explore even more 🙂 Good that you’re keeping up with it 🙂

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