Shipwreck Jackpot

February 3, 2012

HMS Victory was a British First Rate Warship that sank during a storm in 1744. The ship was thought to have carried over $1 Billion in gold. Can you imagine that? Wow.

I love stories like this. I remember visiting Portsmouth in 1999 and seeing Henry VIII’s Mary Rose while it was undergoing the painstaking process of making it able to survive in an air environment. It was so cool and to watch the documentaries about the effort and be able to say “I’ve seen that ship!” was awesome. (I’ll have to post later about seeing the trebuchet at Urquart Castle and then a month later seeing that documentary…)

DH just pointed me to another article on Reuter.com about a WWII merchant ship off the coast of Massachusetts that if it does have a cargo of platinum could be a haul worth over $2.77 Billion. Of course there are skeptics and I love the quote by Robert F. Marx, an underwater archaeologist, maritime historian and owner of Seven Seas Search and Salvage LLC in Florida.

“Every wreck that is lost is the richest wreck lost. Every wreck ever found is the biggest ever found. Every recovery is the biggest ever recovery,” Marx said.

I’m learning from these articles that ownership of the vessels and their treasures is a complicated matter and subject to Maritime Law. My eyes are glazing over….


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