One Month: February

February 1, 2012

So let’s review January… how successful was I?

January 1: Keep up the momentum of the cleaning and organizing that took place last month. The house for New Year’s Day was awesome and really it was a family effort that I hope the girls are proud of. Check! The momentum is still going and the clean up is getting easier, the girls are more helpful. Sadly the laundry is getting backed up because the thermal control fuse burned out. DH is currently trying to fix it.

January 2: Get as many of my digital album projects completed and ordered so that I can take advantage of a really good discount at Creative Memories. This will include sitting with my MIL for an entire day to get the summer family portraits into an album. Well, I got some of them done and took advantage of the sale to get my 84 page Disney book printed. My MIL never found the time to come down but we will get to it one day and there will be another sale I’m sure!

January 3: Make sure that even when I’m feeling a little on the blah side to not dress frumpy. This includes trying not to grab an oversized shirt to cover up just because I haven’t gotten the weight off. I have found myself hiding in oversized shirts again, even at the gym. But other days I have put on more form-fitting things. I went to get my hair done even though seeing how thin it is now (from the MTX) is a bit depressing. I think the steroids are one of the reasons I’m holding on to the weight now–before I used to be able to get away with the cheating on the diet. I have a follow-up appointment next week to see about switch to new meds.

Now on to February:

1. Find a way to have a special, relaxing Valentines with DH before he ships out. This can be anything from a movie and lunch date while the girls are in school to a special day trip… who knows.

2. Conquer all (or most of) my anxiety about taking care of Crook & Heddie on my own. We’re half-way there. I think the two biggest hurdles have already been cleared. These girls are really mellow and not showing signs of anxiety themselves. (Greyhounds can have serious separation anxiety.) We’ve confined them, they are in their routines, and they are generally content with retirement. Second, I was really worried about getting them in and out of a vehicle on my own. DH and I have done a couple of practice runs and it is getting easier.

3. Start running again. This will depend on the weather and a change in medicine but I’m hopeful. 70 degrees today! I will take all I can get. I cannot believe I just said I wanted to run again. LOL Part of the reason is my trainer is chomping at the bit to get me to do squats and lunges again–both no-nos per my rhuematologist. However, I can run all I want… we just haven’t had dry enough or warm enough days to try it. Oh, and his treadmill is broken.

For the blog that started this all, check out JenontheEdge.



  1. I love that you want to run!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything will work so that you can.

    • My trainer thought it was funny that I was asking to run today after my circuits. I’ll have to ask him the distance I actually ran so I can keep track. Knees were a little sore at the end and I have no stamina but it was a great feeling!

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