New Strategic Sealift Readiness Group (SSRG)

January 31, 2012

In addition to being Chief Engineer, once upon a time DH was a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve. His official title would have looked something like this: Lt. FIRST NAME LAST NAME, USNR, MMR, IRR.

USNR: US Navy Reserve, MMR: Merchant Marine Reserve, IRR: Individual Ready Reserve

USMMA Alumni Association & Foundation just announced a new program designed to “give the SSO’s (formerly IRRs) better access to the Navy Reserve Program and for the SSRG to better track every SSO in meeting their reserve obligation.”

Graduates of USMMA who do not go active duty, such as DH, are now designated SSOs (Strategic Sealift Officers). “The program is guided by the national needs delineated by Military Sealift Command. SSO’s are primarily employed in support of MSC when performing active duty or in the case of recall. The Military Service Obligation of 8 years remains the same, as well as the obligation to maintain valid USCG licenses, STCW requirements and TWIC.”

STCW: Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping, TWIC: Transportation Workers Identication Credential

I am unfamiliar with whether graduates of the five state schools have the same obligations. At least 10 years ago the trend at the state schools was to move away from a “regiment of midshipmen” and students had the option of being traditional students or join an ROTC type program. If anyone from these schools has any information to support this, I would appreciate it.

DH completed his 8 year requirement years ago but as an IRR if the conditions arose he could still be recalled. It would have to be a war on the scale of the Korean War for his particular specialty to be needed. At least that’s what I remember him telling me…

I would really like to find an image of the “sea chicken”. LOL



  1. Amazingly educational as always..thanks!

    • Thanks! I did a search yesterday for similar blogs and support groups for Merchant Marine wives and most, if not all, even the ones of FB have faded away with little activity. I’m more determined than ever to try and educate and share “This Life”.

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