Project 365: Week 4

January 28, 2012

Jan. 22 I was kind of bummed that the church sign hadn’t changed. But I was able to find a way to document the first winter weather we had. Snow and ice on Sunday and 70 degrees on Thursday! What a crazy week.

Winter on Sunday

Jan. 23 Our nephew Flat Stanley was born. I feel a little funny posting pictures of him considering I won’t post pictures of my own children. So… here is a picture of DH and Cousin IT (Flat Stanley’s youngest older brother). DH said to him “High 5, dude, cause men don’t hug.”

High 5

Jan. 24 DH was wearing this shirt on the same day as I was wearing my SuperGirl shirt. It was very appropriate as we sold our wood stove and were helping the new owner get it out of our house and on to the back of his pick up. Do you know how much one of those things weighs? And ours is apparently larger than most. It took 6 high school football players to replace DH and I to get it off the truck and into the house. 4 people to load it, 8 people to unload it!

DH is a Super Dad

Jan. 25 In a tip of the hat to Jenners at Life…With Books, I decided to take a picture of my unicorn collection. Yup, ANOTHER collection. (Hmm… I wonder if I have 52 collections to post one a week?) This is probably one of the few that I cannot recall its origins. My collection is displayed on the wall of my office in a curio that I had gotten as bridal shower gift. It used to be in the dining room of our first home.


Jan. 26 Did I mention it was 70 degrees on Thursday? DH and I have been taking Heddie and Crook on excursions to get them socialized and to get used to handling them. They do much better getting in and out of the F-150. We decided today would be a good day to go Downtown. Many of the shops are dog friendly and we’re told on Saturdays there is a lot of foot traffic and other dogs to socialize with. I took tons of pictures to store up in case I forget to take a picture one day. I let T1 pick which should make it in this week’s post.

Gray Face in an Alley

Jan. 27 We had a dinner party. The teenagers decided the night should be ended by playing “Chubby Bunny.” Enough said.

"All the teens are doing it...!" T1 plays Chubby Bunny

Jan. 28 Not quite as warm as Thursday but still a balmy 60 degrees. We are within walking distance of a Gander Mountain store. We’ve taken the dogs to both pet stores nearby. Their socialization is going so well. I like seeing children who are scared of dogs reach out and pet our greyhounds. Funny, people say they’re “so big” and to us they look so small compared to Cassie or to male greyhounds.

Gander Walking!




  1. The winter scene is gorgeous and the marshmellows–hilarious!!

    • I can only hope marshmellow stuffing is the worst thing she tries … but we’re only in 6th grade. So many things to worry about but she’s got a good head on her shoulders and some good role models.

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