Project 365: Week 3

January 21, 2012

I am seriously trying to make sure I pick subjects other than our two new greyhounds… but they’re so darn cute, it is hard to do!

Jan. 15 church sign “Do Unto Others as You Want Them Do To You”. Got to love the Golden Rule!

Jan. 16 Crookshanks is the more lazy of the two dogs and will sleep just about anywhere and in any position.

Crook sleeps anywhere!

Jan. 17 We took the two into the vet for the first well visit. Everyone was so excited to see us back. They got a great report; teeth look good; took their shots in stride (Heddie is a bigger baby though). All the new smells and sounds kept their attention but Heddie took a moment to look out the window and something caught her eye and I caught the camera. Just wish my purse wasn’t in the background.


Jan. 18 I have been driving past this graffiti for weeks and I knew I wanted to stop and get a quick picture of it. What were the taggers trying to write out? What was that fourth letter going to be? I’d like to think it was F.R.O.G.: fully rely on God. I like the purple and greens.

"Fully Rely on ... God?"

Jan. 19 I took this with DH’s camera. I got on the ground with the dogs really for the first time this afternoon. Tons of pictures; Heddie claiming me with her paws, Heddie cockroaching… all funny pictures. Except I’m in them from a horrible angle so I have a massive double chin. Then Crook got up and was looking around and she turned head and her tongue was sticking out! I grabbed the camera and got the picture from below her. Silly girl!

Put your tongue back in, girl!

Jan. 20 I chaperoned a scout lock-in and these were the Fashion Models some of the girls decorated for their night of Fashion Mystery.


Jan. 21 “Red Sky at Night, Sailor’s Delight” I snapped this quickly this evening when I got home from the grocery store. The colors really didn’t come out like I hoped. It was a warm reddish pink but it uploaded with more purple. I tried to “warm it up”. Even with the colors not quite right, the smokey clouds make a cool picture over the tops of my neighbors’ houses.

"Red Sky at Night, Sailor's Delight"


One comment

  1. Love your sky and pup pictures! Really 🙂

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