Project 365: Week 2 Adoption!

January 14, 2012

What a week with such an awesome finish!

Jan. 8 I plan to take pictures of our church sign for my 365 photo each Sunday. That will be a great way to mark the start of the new week of this project. I may post those all separately…

Jan. 9 This is a picture of the centerpiece of my snowman collection. (Yup, another collection!)

acrylic snowman light with teal and silver wreath, copyright SnipeWife


Jan. 10 Out front of the house in our overgrown winter landscaping there are three fairy sculptures. I like the picture of this one.

garden fairy, copyright SnipeWife


Jan. 11 In the said overgrown landscaping I found a stray piece of paper from T2’s creative writing. I hope you can read it. Her story is about a “Bad Dream” and I think the illustration is of a big bad wolf.

A Bad Dream, copyright SnipeWife

Jan. 12 I took a picture of the three company ship’s flags that are hanging in DH’s garage/workshop. Because of legal reasons I cannot mention the name of the company on this forum so I cannot put the picture here. 😦

Jan. 13 I was busy undecorating the house and putting away the snowman collection. DH hung up a bright gecko that I had purchased in the summer but never got around to hanging. He said he hung it all wacky because geckos climb all wacky.

Go, Go, Gecko!, copyright SnipeWife

My basement is in a southwest feel. I either have geckos or kokopelis all over the place. I really need to get it painted.

Just on a side note: we never sang “Baa, Baa Black Sheep”. Instead we sang a song called “Go, Go, Gecko.” For this and other great Hawaiian Mother Goose rhymes, check out Kevin Sullivan’s “The Best Hawaiian Style Mother Goose Ever!” We got this book and CD as a baby gift. DH grew up on Hawaii and has Hawaiian relatives.

Jan. 14 Drumroll, please! Introducing our new greyhounds! In the green coat, white and dark brindle is Hedwig “Heddie” Kiowa Packers. In the red coat, white and light brindle is Crookshanks “Crook” Kiowa Saints. They are litter mates, whelped on Dec. 3, 2008. We are ecstatic beyond belief!

Going Home, copyright SnipeWife



  1. Oh you save the best for last!! Love your new additions to the family …. and that they were littermates! They look gorgeous!

    • Stick around! I just posted on their adoption and added two pictures!

  2. I love snowmen! I bought an illuminated snowman myself this year and like to light it in the evening. 🙂

    So excited about the greyhounds!

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