Silver Ribbons

January 13, 2012

I was wondering if there wasn’t an awareness ribbon out there for psoriatic arthritis … there kind of is: orchid and orange for psoriasis. Maybe if we put little golf balls on it for Phil Michelson we can distinguish the ribbons for the arthritis form?

I just did a search. According to Crafts’N’Scraps “no one color is ‘official’,” and the list they have published could leave you dizzy. Pick a color and it could represent any number of diseases and disorders.

According to CeramicDreams only eczema shares the questionable combination of orchid and orange but at least they are both skin conditions. Some colors have such odd combinations: blue and yellow can stand for both a designated driver and Down Syndrome. Other colors have dozens of awareness organizations. CeramicDreams also includes the month when such ribbons should be worn.

I wonder if there is a website to tell us when exactly National Friendship Week or Love Your Daughter Day is so I know when to correctly copy and paste onto my FB status.

I’m being a little irreverent right now (deflecting?) but the origin of this post is actually quite moving and thought-provoking. SuperGal at Hot Flashes of Inspiration tweeted and FB’ed a share of an article on The Bloggess. The article is an interview of the Bloggess on Forbes.com.

It is why SuperGal says she wears tiaras and suggests we should too. It is why I wear Wonder Women and Super Girl t-shirts when I really should be dressing my age.

According to those ribbon lists, orchid and orange is not the only ribbon I should/could wear. I could wear red for my supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) heart condition.

My other one would be teal. (Funny, I’m wearing a very pretty v-neck teal sweater tonight.) Some of you have already suggested/picked up on the vague postings. Picked up on the stress/anxiety and depression disorder and PTSD that I’ve cryptically hinted at. I also had antepartum and postpartum depression. (That would be a white ribbon.) I believe the stress in my life at the end of 2010 led to many health problems, including the PA. Even WebMD says stress can play a part in triggering the onset of the disease.

But I think instead of teal, I like the silver ribbons The Bloggess promotes. “Never Give Up.” I want to buy or make a dozen of them and hand them out to all of my friends. For them. For me.

Actually, for me I gave each one of my closest girlfriends a rather corny gift for Christmas this year. A pineapple votive holder from Yankee Candle. On a nice piece of cardstock I printed out the legend of the pineapple and I closed with “Your friendship means so much to us. Please accept this small token and know that you are always welcome.” It took a great deal for me to let them in and I know they stood by me last year (even on my most unfiltered days, some of them). The pineapple would always be on the door if they ever needed me.

I asked DH if he minded me being upfront about the anxiety disorder and the PTSD here on this blog. “It’s not my blog.” I think that is his way of saying that he knows I’ve told others and we’ve dealt with it together so it is my decision to take this blog in the direction I want it to go.

Which is where? A good blog focuses and this blog is getting a little unfocused, with the maritime links, the story of “the life”, writing, E.o.t.T., the PA, and even greyhounds…. do I really want to add this on top?

Just like with the physical effects of the PA, the PTSD and the anxiety have profound consequences to how I “deal” with this life. Would it surprise you to know DH said he would actually have to stop sailing if we had another child because he could not deal while on the other side of the country with the stress that a pregnancy put on me both physically and mentally (the heart condition and postpartum depression)? How’s that for being relevant to “this life”?

So dear follower, as with the PA posts and even the Writing Workshop posts, I will try to make any blogging about my struggles with PTSD relevant to what it means to being a Snipe Wife. I know I’ll be able to strike a good balance.



  1. What is this “dressing my age” nonsense? Dress how you want to dress and don’t worry about what other people think.

    As for blogging about your personal journey with PTSD, this is your blog, so you can write whatever/whenever/however you want. Hugs.

  2. A-Freaking-Men darling Jen! You do what you want with this blog sweet ’ems 🙂

  3. I didn’t know there are special ribbons and colors to show solidarity or affectedness with certain health conditions!

    I don’t care about stressing like my age. I don’t even care dressing like my gender. 😉 (I buy a lot of things in the men’s deartment because they just fit better with me.)

  4. I also want to say that I think it’s a good and brave decision to be honest and open about your psychological struggles. This is a blog, and you can decide how much your readers are able to tie it to who you are non-virtually. I hope you’ll find support and comfort from blogging! And I often was surprised myseld how much social support is actually coming out of it.

  5. […] week I made a big decision to finally put on here that I have PTSD as well as an anxiety disorder. If you are familiar with either, you know that […]

  6. PTSD is difficult and can be isolating. It affects everything, even when we do not realize it. I commend you for bringing it up and am grateful because I, too, deal with it daily. Maybe we try to stick to what our blogs are meant to be because it gives us a sense of control? Letting it out, or expressing it, gives an opportunity for it to be less powerful. It also offers an opportunity to connect with others that share the same plight.
    I like the silver ribbon idea. And I have always held Wonder Woman in very high esteem.

  7. […] is why I keep coming back to the Red Dress Project by the Bloggess. Each of my circle of friends is so real, that sometimes we forget to be Vivacious. Sometimes […]

  8. […] came to my blog through my posts about PTSD. It seems life got a little busy for the authors of the blog right about the time I was barely […]

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