Happy Anniversary Ramblings….

January 7, 2012

DH and I celebrated 16 years yesterday. We actually started dating 2 and half years before that (8/93) but in these 16 years as husband and wife we’ve probably only lived together 8 of those. It is the life!

So where were you 16 years ago? Were you hunkered down or thankful you weren’t anywhere near the East Coast?

From Jim Duncan NBC 12 Weather Facebook post

It was a good anniversary. I can’t really explain how much at peace I am right now. Am I still anxious and insecure? You bet. Otherwise I would tell more people about this blog. But I am letting more things roll off me or just letting go of things. Some of it is growing up. Some of it is being struck by bricks from God. I’ll have to post about this soon.

Still recovering from my tooth extraction, DH and I just opted for a movie date during school hours. We even (unintentionally) left our cell phones at home and lived on the edge for a few hours. Then in the evening though I had initially said we’d take the girls with us, we went out to the Pub. T1 is trying to pay us back the $15 she owes us and to earn more money for her new mall going activities. She can earn money for watch T2 for us. So DH and I had a quiet evening by ourselves before the evening rush and stopped at a craft store for some odds and ends.

Today I am in the process of undecorating from Christmas. Normally I would leave up my vast snowman collection but with the adoption of two greyhounds taking place next Saturday it is probably best just to get it all down.

DH and I also finally got plate hangers and some picture frames for some pieces that have got to be hung up. I’m tired of seeing them leaning up against the wall. The plate hangers are for the 2002 plates my MIL finally located to complete my collection of plates–we have one for each year DH, T1, and I were born in, as well as 1996. But we never found 2002 for T2. Yeah, finally complete! One of the picture frames if for the 20×30 art print I created out of the photos from our 2010 family photo shoot for our 15th anniversary. Nothing like waiting a whole year to put it up. (In my defense, I may have been waiting because each of the pictures in the print has Cassie in it.)

I’m wanting to hang things… and to take things down. My tastes have changed from my newlywed days and even from the days when we moved into this house 8 and half years ago. The wreaths and bouquets from my wedding just don’t fit any more. I want a little more polished look. We had a painting that while was pretty and went with the nautical feel of our living room has no sentimental value because I cannot remember who gave it to us. DH has come home with more prints with his ships on them and an “owner’s plank” plaque that need to go up… so the one must go to make more room.

I’m even looking at the decorations and wondering want can go, what should stay. Wow. DH is going to be so proud of me.

I just feel like I’m changing and evolving this year. And I can’t imagine doing it without the most amazing husband standing beside me and two amazing children giving me joy and inspiration.

Here’s to many more years, DH. You are with me even when we are apart. Thank you.



  1. This is wonderful! Congrats on 16 years together … that’s beautiful!! I remember Blizzard of 96 — loved it 🙂

    New Grey Hounds … that’s wonderful!

    My tastes change all the time 😉 I love to redecorate…love photos because it’s so easy to take things down and put up new ones … depending on what’s going on in my life at that time. The idea of evolving is beautiful. I swear I didn’t know much about myself until the past 3 years … it’s a good thing 🙂

  2. I love to hear when anyone makes their relationship work for that long. It’s awesome and a lot of work I know…congratulations 🙂

    • Thank you very much! I like how you said “make their relationship WORK” because anything worthwhile does take work. We’ve had good examples–my folks have been working at it for 43 years and DH’s parents have been at it for 47.

  3. Happy belated anniversary!

    I remember the blizzard of ’96 quite well. It took us three days to shovel out the driveway and front walk and, all told, we were off from work for over a week.

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