One Month: January 2012 Goals

January 2, 2012

I guess I’ll use this as my kick-off post. I’ll recap December and then dive right in…

Goals for December:

1. Enjoy the month and not stress so much. I actually acheived this. Other than my initial freak-out about why on earth our troop was participating in a Christmas parade if more than half the leaders were unavailable–and letting said leaders know–the month only continued to get better and better.

2. Not put on any weight and hopefully get off what I put on in November. Well, I at least didn’t put any more on. Either the continued Prednisone use is starting to catch up to me or things are just at a bad platuea with all the rich holiday food and increased eating out. I am happy that I basically only put on the same amount that I put on at camp and for the whole year I am only up about 6 pounds. Considering everything, I’m not really going to complain.

3. Find more ways to give to those in need. The girls and I got to do some shopping for children at a residential orphanage/school. T1 later got to go on her first “mission” trip to take the donated items to that school. What an experience for her! We also collected items at our troop party to donate instead of exchanging with each other–like my children need another present like they need new holes in their heads. Those items made their way to Toys for Tots and my girls are continuing to learn from these experiences.

So what do I want for January and 2012 in general….

January 1: Keep up the momentum of the cleaning and organizing that took place last month. The house for New Year’s Day was awesome and really it was a family effort that I hope the girls are proud of.

January 2: Get as many of my digital album projects completed and ordered so that I can take advantage of a really good discount at Creative Memories. This will include sitting with my MIL for an entire day to get the summer family portraits into an album.

January 3: Make sure that even when I’m feeling a little on the blah side to not dress frumpy. This includes trying not to grab an oversized shirt to cover up just because I haven’t gotten the weight off.

2012 Goal 1: Take off just 12 pounds and possible get into those size 12 pants in the closet. I can wear them now but it’s not a pretty picture. This takes off those 6 pounds I’ve put on since November and gives me another 6 pounds to work off. It is a very doable and realistic goal considering all the medicine changes and the limitations while we’re still trying to find the right drugs to combat my PA.

2012 Goal 2: Admit that I blew it again with the writing course and try again without beating myself up about it. That being said, I need to download the last of the valuable teacher notes and just move on.

2012 Goal 3: Continue to evaluate the stress in my life and set reasonable limits. I have to be mindful though to never let these limits be excuses. There are things I can try to get back into, things that I am very capable of doing, when I’m ready.

2012 Goal 4: Take a photo a day for 365 days. Hmmm… better get to it today or I’ll miss this already!

2012 Goal 5: Continue with my Fruits of the Spirit study. I haven’t forgotten about it. But it will be nice to approach it without the pity party I was having this time last year.

For the blog that started it all, check out JenontheEdge’s One Month post for January.

**Wordpress is not letting me spell check this post so please, please ignore the typos for the time being. I’m sure there are quite a few of them!**



  1. I really need to clean out and declutter here in my house. It’s an ongoing project, especially since I live with three pack rats.

    I am really looking forward to following your progress as you work your way through your goals.

    • It is an ongoing process but I feel like I made great progress, especially being able to let go of things. We keep a donation pile at the end of the hall and it fills up rapidly now. We also had the urgency of not only hosting New Year’s Dinner but of getting things off the girls floors in anticipation of getting new greyhounds this month. Our last did not roam the house but I am counting on the two new ones to have free rage of both floors of the house. Nothing like immediate danger of losing things to be used as chew toys as incentive to pick up our things!

  2. A photo a day for 365? Yeah I’m familiar with that one 🙂 Don’t fret on the writing side … you’re a writer either way. I’ve only known you for like 25 years .. you’re one of the most creative people I know. It’ll happen when it’s time to! Happy New Year sweetie! *hugs*

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