Shutting Down Continuing Education?

December 13, 2011

After seeing the USMMA Alumni Foundation posts and hearing it from DH, I’m a little confused as to the reasoning behind closing down GMATS (Global Maritime & Transportation School) in 2012. DH took his Tankerman Person In Charge (PIC) training at GMATS. Maritime Professional has posted a great article that even I can understand. This kind of feels like throwing the baby out with the bath water… and I’m not so sure the bath water needed changing.

I currently feel that this is a death knell and little can be done to reverse the situation. I’m not quite sure what converting the for-profit program to a 501c3 or even (shudder) a government-run program would do. The author of the article clearly states valuable time and assets would be lost if it was shut down and then brought back as a government program.

King Point itself has great lobbyists that work with the Congress on its behalf. They’ve done what often seemed impossible but this feels so 12th hour instead of 11th where the final decision hasn’t been made yet.

Special interests, and yes, USMMA is a special interest as are all these maritime issues, in my opinion serve the majority of the time the good of the few rather than the majority. GMATS is not about one school. It is global and international. It is commerce and defense of our nation and ports. We’ve forgotten our maritime roots and ignore the benefits of a strong maritime fleet. The call for an ocean highway has been going out since before I worked in the maritime field and every year it seemed the same logical proposal was called for in article after article and always ignored because someone else’s special interest was louder. (Click here to see an example of one such article a decade ago.)

The book on the founding of Kings Point and the political and union in-fighting give an insight as to the fact nothing much seems to have changed.

For the complete article in Maritime Professional, please visit:


I’m sure DH and even my BIL will have some edits and “educating” for me to add in here. I never claim to be able to debate, etc.; I just have strong opinions. I am by no means an expert nor want to be seen as one.



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  2. Mr. Keefe at Maritime Professional has posted a response to the delayed response from MARAD regarding the reasoning behind closing GMATS. For the full article, please see: http://www.maritimeprofessional.com/Blogs/The-Final-Word-with-Joseph-Keefe/February-2012/Hot-Flashes-from-Marad.aspx

    I’m still very pessimistic and do not see GMATS in any form of reincarnation coming back from this.

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