Do You Ever…

December 12, 2011

blame your spouse for something they did in YOUR dream? I woke up this morning from an absolute nightmare, just gasping for breath. DH is so in trouble! What a rude way to start my week.

I made this my FB question of the day and many, many wives and my BIL chimed in. I guess a great deal of husbands end up in trouble for their actions in their wives’ dreams.

I got the chance to talk to DH today and told him all about my dream. It was made even funnier by the fact he had texted me a little love note just before I got to my trainer’s.

DH’s typical response when I begin to tell him about what HE did in my dreams, is “No. You cannot blame me.” He gets a little testy.

He usually follows this up with: “Fine. If you get to hold me responsible for what I did in your dreams then I get to hold you to the promises you make in mine!”

I think he’s tired of being blamed. 😉

So, do you ever?


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