E.o.t.T. Monday is Upper Body

December 5, 2011

I know that some of my 12 subscribers only pay attention to me because I post about my workouts, my trainer, and my continual desire to get healthy. It has been hard to stay motivated through my pain but I have been going faithfully. Nothing’s been too different about my routine though. Today I wasn’t even sure if I could manage a workout as my left knee has rapidly filled with fluid in the past 36 hours. Thankfully, Monday is an upper body workout day.

Disclaimer: Please see my E.o.t.T. page for the disclaimer.

Warm-up #1 (If I haven’t posted this, I will try to get around to it!)

Dumbbell Flat Press (35 lbs.)
          *you will be flat on a bench, holding dumbbells up at an angle / and \ rather than a horizontal line, maintain these angles throughout exercise, and I don’t know how to properly describe it but you need to “tuck” your shoulder blades under you
          *warm up with 15 lbs. for 12 reps; then 20 lbs. for 12 reps; waiting 2 minutes
          *please note that you have to work up to this weight and I’m not talking about the warm ups; this has taken about 5 weeks
           *I need my trainer to hand me one of the dumbbells while I get situated (tucking my shoulder blades) when the dumbbells are this heavy; he also spots me; please have a helper/spotter!
           *press 35 lbs. for 3 sets of 8; 2 minute rest between sets
           *press 25 lbs. for as many as you can do, shoot for between 15-20 (I got 25!!)

Dumbbell Rows (30 lbs.)
            *kneel one knee on bench, brace with same arm, have knee of other leg slightly bent, keep back flat
            *use weaker arm first (trainer or spotter can tell you which is weaker)
            *extend dumbbell down and then pull straight up, keeping elbow in as much as possible, back flat
            *weak arm: 3 sets of 10; strong arm: 3 sets of 12; 1 minute 30 rest
             *you are switching sides for each set before resting

Lat Pull-Downs with the triangle double V attachment (?? lbs.)
            *extend arms all the way up, lean slightly back, pulling shoulder blades together as you drive your elbows straight down, hold just above your collar bones for a beat and then extend back up
            *4 sets of 12; 1 minute 30 rest

Circuit (3 sets of each exercise, with a 2 minute rest)
           My trainer gave me the option of using about a 4 inch step or the one I had been doing (approximately 10 inches–just a hair more than a typical riser in a stair case) because of my knee and ankle. Going up steps has always been easier with the swelling so aside from the pressure the fluid was causing (think a band around my lower thigh and around my calf) it wasn’t too painful to use the higher step.
           *Step ups for 35 seconds
           *Lateral dumbbell raises (lead with elbows to help keep arms flat, slightly bent) 8 lbs.
           *Back raises for 15 reps (no weight this time)
           *Bicep curls with a bent bar and I’m thinking I had 5 lbs. but it could have been closer to 10 if those were 5 lb. plates and not 2.5 lbs.



  1. Oh I so need to get my exercise on. That list made me out of breath just reading it. 🙂 x

    • Hehe! You should read the Wednesday circuit ones where I have to try and get in as many sets as I can in 10 minutes! Of course that was pre-illness but I hope to get back there one day!

  2. Upper body work is important. Just think about how strong you’re getting!

    • Interestingly, I had no idea how much you need your knees to stablize yourself when bench pressing. My rheumy said I can do any exercise (other than lunges and squats) that does not torque my knee. So proper form is so important for me right now. I love bench pressing! I hate lateral raises–my shoulders are so weak! But they will look good in a sleeveless dress come spring!

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