E.o.t.T. Dilemma

December 2, 2011

I’m between a rock and a hard place and the stress eating is not helping.

My chiropractor has told me my hips are 12 mm off–one leg is that much shorter than the other. The solution: wear heel lifts and relieve the sciatic pain I’ve had for years. It has worked wonders!

Problem: most of my psoriatic arthritis is concentrated on my left side, the side with the heel lift. My Achilles, my knee, my hip flexor. I’m in a lot of pain right now and I’m now leaning on the right leg and causing low back pain and knee pain on the RIGHT side. My left side is really not having a chance to heal, the ankle is in a pointed position–this was also the problem with the soft tissue injury in the spring that would not heal–as if I were wearing a 1 inch heel to do everything: walk, run, climb stairs.

If I stop wearing the heel lift I will begin to have back problems again. If I don’t, my left leg will never get a chance to heal and I’ll start having more back problems and putting a great deal of pressure on the other knee.

Oh, and my chiropractor said with my pelvis imbalance, NO MORE SQUATS. It took everything not to laugh at his suggestion I do lunges. I really can’t do lunges right now–with my right leg forward my ankle kills me, with it back my knee and ankle kill me. I powered through them today though (am I causing more damage by being so stubborn?).

I’m in a holding pattern right now. My PA medicines are not cutting it. Is my continued E.o.t.T. the cause? Is it the heel lift? Are there some exercises I just will never be able to do again? Is it the impact from running that’s causing the problem–and is there an alternative (a recumbent bike or the new tread climber, for example)?

I have a lot of questions to take to my specialist this week. Trying to get all the doctors and trainers on the same page is exhausting. No one agrees and I feel like a rag doll being pulled in so many directions.


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