One Month: December

December 1, 2011

Recap of November:
1. Switch out Halloween for Thanksgiving before Friday, Nov. 4th. Got it done. Now I have 1 day to get it all undecorated and put away and get Christmas out.

2. Keep up with my writing class. Um, it’s been slow going but I have written more than I thought I would. And then I accidentally lost my Pulse Pen for three days.

3. Post daily on FB what I am thankful for and I’m going to get T1 & T2 to write their items down for me. In a season of gimmies I think my girls need a lesson in counting their blessings. I have T2′s list in my hand and I’m going to work on something special to display it. I have my final post to make … but somehow lost Nov. 29. I will check with T1 about her list tonight.

4. Not put on any weight. Well, I was doing good but then in the last week I put on weight. UGH.

Goals for December:

1. Enjoy the month and not stress so much.

2. Not put on any weight and hopefully get off what I put on in November.

3. Find more ways to give to those in need.

What are your goals?

For the blog that started it all, check out:




  1. I think it’s great that you’re going to make a point to relax and not stress too much. Too many people seem to forget that this time of year.

    • I must confess, it will be much easier to relax once DH walks through the door. Counting down!

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