Writing Workshop: 7 Wonders

November 17, 2011

I’m not in a writing mood, or really in a mood for much. Not sure if this is medicine related or the change to cold temperatures. I am kind of feeling like I just called this one in…

1.) List your life’s Seven Wonders. Describe the most amazing 7 things you’ve seen with your own two eyes.

1. Let’s get the cliché out of the way and say T1 and T2 are so amazing. Not really their births—who truly remembers that exact moment—but just T1 and T2 themselves… little pieces of me and DH combined. I actually found their ultrasounds amazing moments; knowing that everything was okay, displaying personality even in the womb. I have to also say their baptisms, their rebirths into Christ, were moments of awe as well.

2. The night sky at sea. The Milky Way is so bright reflecting off the calm ocean waters with no other light offering interference. I’ve seen the night sky in the country and it is impressive but there is nothing like that reflection. DH is down in the hole more often than not now so I don’t know if he gets to see this as much but I envy him this piece of heaven.

3. The Grand Canyon. Mountains. Desert. River. Cold. Heat. Colors. Quiet. Inspiring. (Although DH found my typo and wanted to know which dessert in Arizona I was talking about… and I said the chocolate lava cake, of course!)

4. A greyhound run.I haven’t seen them on a track though I have watched a few YouTube videos but I have seen them course and if you’ve ever seen a greyhound in a flat-out run… Wow. There is joy on their faces. Such grace and beauty moving so fast.

The sun rising over Stonehenge on the summer s...

© Andrew Dunn, 21 June 2005        Image via Wikimedia Commons

5. Stone Henge. It is bigger and smaller than one would think. The day we saw it was a rainy mess—until we got there for our tour. Then it was just grey and overcast. The rain held off for us until we got back to our bus. How? Why? Who? So much time and energy for what? (They would probably say the same thing of the great cathedrals and palaces.)

6. The Globe Theater. The rebuilt theater is fantastic. To see the conditions in which these plays were put on, to understand how the audience viewed and participated in the events just changes how one understands and reads some of the greatest plays ever.

7. I’m going to leave this blank because I hope there will be other amazing things to experience with my own eyes…

This Week’s Prompts

1.) List your life’s Seven Wonders. Describe the most amazing 7 things you’ve seen with your own two eyes.

2.) Your biggest parenting challenge and/or joy.

3.) Married? Tell us the story of how the question was popped.

4.) Your prom dress.

5.) Write a love letter to an inanimate object.

For more information about Mama Kat’s world-famous Writing Workshop, click on that trophy over there…



  1. Cool! You’ve got me beat on those!

  2. Swoon- I love all of these! But leaving #7 open for the next set of whatever it is that life has to offer? I’ll toast to that! Love! 🙂

  3. I like that you left one open …. something wonderful will happen today! 🙂

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s 🙂

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