Second Week of Thanks

November 14, 2011

Nov. 8 Today I am thankful for the freedoms, even the ones I tend to take for granted, that I enjoy and fully acknowledge that those freedoms have been provided and are protected by the brave men and women of our armed services. Thank you.

          It is such a sad state of things that only 32% of eligible voters in my district even bothered. DH and I both voted absentee.

Nov. 9 To borrow from someone else, I am thankful for modern medicine … getting a diagnosis and working toward a treatment plan has been such a relief. Today I get to wear a heart monitor (which I have avoided for 11 years) but I realize I can no longer brush anything aside … even have to get flu shots now. I am thankful I have doctors and specialists who are wonderful and I pray God always guides your hands (especially my massage therapist’s!).

Nov. 10 I am thankful for the young women who have come into my girls’ lives… V & J, and all the amazing counselors from Camp W. You love my girls and you are teaching them so much (you probably don’t even realize how much). It’s wonderful to know they have really awesome older “sisters” they could go to if needed. We’ve also been blessed with some other really great teens (now off to college) that have babysat and given me peace of mind.

          There are truly too many young women to list and I know I forgot just about every one of them… I also originally posted this as Nov. 11th on the 10th. My friends got a chuckle out of that. I need a personal assistant!

Nov. 11 I am thankful for the teachers my girls have been blessed to have. So far with the exception of only one year they’ve had the same teachers and it has been such a good experience for both, each for different reasons. I would have homeschooled but when you have a mini-me it would have so not been good for T1. Leaving the school system I grew up in was a little scary but I think the school we ended up at has been wonderful–I like it when God makes me go outside my comfort zone, especially when the girls reap the benefits.

          I am also very thankful for the Veterans who bravely served our country (see Nov. 8th). T1 had Bring a Veteran to Lunch day and her grandfather (FIL) went to school in his old Navy uniform–yes, he could still get into it and button the jacket!

Nov. 12 Today I am thankful for the wonderful women and men I get to volunteer with for Girl Scouts. My co-leader rocks and keeps me entertained. My SUD keeps me sane. And this year’s batch of girls will keep every moment interesting.

Nov. 13 Today I am thankful for the “Daniel” sermon preached on this Lord’s Day. Thanks, Daryl! It is amazing what a simple change in perspective can do to change one’s outlook. Definitely food for thought.

          Nothing like “vagueBooking”…. I was just going to post “Daniel” and see how many got it. The sermon was about “God is my judge” which is what Daniel means. Can you imagine having a name like that as a constant reminder? Daniel allowed it to remind him nothing else and no one else but God mattered and he lived his life that way. I need to remember when life gets to me that God is bigger.

Nov. 14 Today I am thankful for my mother and my mother-in-law. The wisdom, advice, support, and love … and my girls have such great examples in them.

          Our relationships aren’t perfect but they are better than they could be. It took a lot of work on my part. What matters most is the relationships the girls have with them. There is a special bond between a grandmother and a granddaughter.

How has your month of Thanksgiving been going?



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