Writing Workshop: Never Say Never…

October 19, 2011

1.) Follow the template I copied (Mama Kat) from The Pioneer Woman without her permission and list 22 things you’ve never done. It was actually hard to see what the pattern was… Mama Kat’s list is very different from Pioneer Woman’s. I thought you were supposed to use the first part like 1. Set foot in (______). Actually I think it’s just supposed to be a list of things you’ve never done. Some I will never even attempt–I do not think there is enough money in the world to make me do #3–and some I hope to do. Others are just silly. Enjoy.

I’m thirty-seven and a half years old.

And I’ve never:

1. Set foot in Ireland.

2. Bathed in the Great Lakes.

3. Eaten escargot.

4. Been to Atlanta, Georgia. shoot–I just remembered I’ve been to the AIRPORT in Atlanta but that really doesn’t count.

5. Mountain climbed.

6. Starred in a Disney on Ice show.

7. Seen Halloween or know why Michael wears a hockey mask.

8. Cast a shadow in Asia.

9. Ridden in a hot air balloon.

10. Enjoyed Sex on the Beach … or a Cosmopolitan (I know what some of you were thinking!).

11. Cooked fresh fish. (Frozen fish sticks do not count.)

12. Parlez-vous français?

13. Been called liberal.

14. Flown a plane.

15. Been to a ski lodge, or skied for that matter.

16. Explored a sunken pirate ship.

17. Understood how x can be anything but a letter.

18. Walked a mile in anyone else’s shoes but my own.

19. Sung karaoke.

21. Read Gone With the Wind. And I’m not sure I’ve sat through the movie either.

22. Told my mother or mother in law about this blog.

This Week’s Prompts

1.) Follow the template I copied from The Pioneer Woman without her permission and list 22 things you’ve never done.

2.) Tell about a time you accidentally “replied all” or sent an email to the wrong person by mistake.

3.) Describe a meal your spouse actually cooks better than you.

4.) Share the story behind your current Facebook and/or Twitter profile photo.

5.) Write a Haiku for Fall and pair it with a favorite Fall photo you’ve taken this year.

If you want to know more about Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop, click on that trophy over there…



  1. Great “nevers!” What an amazing list, is there anything in particular you want to knock off of it first??? BTW, I live in Atlanta. It’s a phenomenal city, just make sure you know someone before you go or you won’t be nearly as impressed with it. 🙂

    • any of the ones that involve travel I would LOVE to do. Sadly I will never be able to have Sex on the Beach or a Cosmopolitan for that matter (HAHAHA) because of the new medication I was just put on. Never was a big drinker to begin with but now I’m the DD for life.

  2. I am curious…are you ever going to tell your MIL about this blog?

    • probably–I usually tell her everything. Knowing that I could one day tell her is keeping me as honest as can be on here. I already wrote a really flattering piece about my FIL for saving the day once.

  3. I’ve done a few things on your list, but I am totally w/you on #17!

  4. You’re so sneaky with your “sex on the beach” because I thought the other way first 😉
    And telling people (esp mothers/MIL) about your blog is a HUGE step. It feels awkward to me to know they check in on me once in awhile so I’d better keep it PG 😉

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