One Month: September

September 1, 2011

I started this challenge last month based on posts by Jen on the Edge (http://jenontheedge.com/2011/09/01/one-month-september/) ** WordPress is not allowing me to embed links… sorry.**

August Update: Finish T2’s room by the end of the month.

Result: FAIL

Okay, in my defense, that child’s room just plain overwhelmed me. I’d look at everything we’d unpacked on the floor, sob, and just turn around and leave. While I was struggling with T1 to keep her room clean, T2 at least had the idea that everything gets picked up and thrown into the three or four bins we had purchased for this purpose. T1 never got this concept. Everything was left on the floor. She did at least keep her junk drawer down to one in the desk and one in the closet. It was much easier to go through that junk.

Not in T2’s room. There are six plastic dinosaurs in 4 different locations; necklaces and jewelry hidden with the stuffed puppies; a magnet and metal balls rolling around in a bin that is supposed to have art supplies; a naked Barbie left out all on her lonesome … you get the idea. I won’t even talk about the pencils, erasers, and notebooks.

Everything has been unpacked. The repainted shelves have been reloaded and the books organized. I spent 2 days just organizing the Barbies which moved from T1’s room to T2’s. Everything has been hung in the room and DH made a custom frame for a piece of artwork he and T2 made, and the glass has been replaced in a picture frame that got stepped on when the rooms were being packed up.

The hang-up comes from the fact T2’s room needs a few more bookcases and a new grown-up desk but because the room make-over was T1’s 11th birthday gift, T2’s is not completely made over. I did come up with an idea to help T2’s library theme in the mean time–we are going to the library and copying down the Dewey Decimal Numbers for the things in her room. All around the room is quite an eclectic collection of things: fairy tale fantasy, puppies, horses, international dolls, soccer trophies, etc. We will have a project to make the number plates. T2 really liked this idea.

September One Month: Now that I technically have my living room and dining room back from the invasion of the children’s belongings, my goal is to finish getting them back together and ready to decorate for fall by the end of the month. I cannot officially put up the Halloween decorations until DH goes back to sea (he cannot believe I am playing Halloween scary music already) but I’m sure I can start getting out pumpkins and sunflowers. I also need to take back my sunroom and clean it up.

So what would be your one month challenge? Tell me about it and come back in a month and let me know if you get a PASS or FAIL!



  1. September challenge? MY bedroom. Wait, maybe Jonathan’s bedroom. No wait, maybe the garage. No, the garage is for 2012… I will go with my bedroom.

    • Great! Other than getting sort of invaded for the roommake overs, my room isn’t that bad. There is some stuff in my sun room but I can’t really blame the children for that. Any flat surface is fair game. Never knew how annoying that could be till I started working on T2’s room and giving her more flat surfaces–I can’t find them now. I clean them off daily and by night fall they are covered. The apple did not fall far from the tree…

  2. […] too. And I’m taking it one day at a time, one project at a time. Yes, I’ve failed my One Month again but when I can tackle something like the pantry in the morning before I go to training and […]

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