Writing Workshop: Laugh It Up!

August 11, 2011

5.) I sometimes laugh when I’m uncomfortable…or being yelled at…or in church…or at a funeral. Write about a time when you laughed at an inappropriate time.

Oh, this is easy! It was my wedding day. I really was quite calm and things were going well. I had slept well due to lack of sleep the previous night. The Blizzard of ’96 hadn’t started so the weather was actually quite nice that morning. Everyone was on schedule.

The building was packed, not a seat to be had—even with about 30 people bailing because of the threat of bad weather. The attendants sprinted down the aisle in spite of rehearsing the night before to go slow. My father’s hands were ice-cold. He was nervous. It was our time to go down the aisle a little ahead of time but the sound guy got the music changed easy enough, if not abruptly.

My father actually made a few flubs from his nervousness. Stand. Sit. Stand again. All at the wrong times. Very endearing. The mothers got the candles lit (after dad remembered to give my mother the lighter). The singing was beautiful. The minister took advantage of the full house to preach—why not? The whole congregation was present!

It was time for the vows. DH was nervous the entire time, not liking being in front of everyone. The vows were simple and straightforward—no deviation, simple repeat after me. I think we were lucky to get him to do that and answer “I will.”

My turn. My knees were locked. My hands hurt from the fake nails I had put on the day before and from the weight of the bouquet. I looked at DH and listened to the minister. And then it happened… I was remembering the wedding we had attended six months earlier. DH’s academy friends were an interesting couple. Let’s just say the bride was (and still is) a very strong, boisterous, loud woman. She purposefully chose to laugh at the line “For richer, for poorer HAHAHA!” I was back there, back in that moment, and then I remembered myself and where I was.

I was sure there had been this huge pause as the minister waited for me to repeat after him. So I started giggling. And with each phrase I had to repeat, the giggle got louder. DH was looking at me as if I had lost my mind. “Till death do us part. HAHAHAHA!” It was a full-on burst out loud laugh at this point.

I vowed “I do.” More singing followed by our introduction as husband and wife and the whole affair was done.

I tried to explain what had happened. I tried to ask how long they had waited for me to reply. DH just shook his head and laughed. Looking at the video tape of the wedding there is absolutely no pause in the dialogue. NONE. Yet I could have sworn the “memory” of the other wedding had to have taken at least half a minute or longer.

My brother-in-law who had threatened to make me laugh but had been threatened in return with much bodily harm just smiled at me and said, “See? I didn’t have to do a thing! You did it all on your own!”

He also claims responsibility for the Blizzard of 1996 that start just a few short hours later.

This Week’s Prompts…

1.) The Police said it best when they said, “Every breath you take/And every move you make/Every bond you break, every step you take/I’ll be watching you”. Write about a time you believed someone was watching you.
2.) If you had the opportunity to throw a dream party for your closest family and friends, describe what that would look like.
3.) Opinion post:Write about how you feel about cussing in blog land? Acceptable? Unacceptable? Do you keep reading?
4.) Write a poem about your childhood to the beat of a Jump Rope rhyme. Example here.
5.) I sometimes laugh when I’m uncomfortable…or being yelled…or in church…or at a funeral. Write about a time when you laughed at an inappropriate time.

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  1. Too funny … I love how it appeared to happen in slow motion!

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s 🙂

  2. So so funny!! I think most of us have had those kind of moments. Love that you have the strength to share yours! visiting from MamaKat

    • well, when there are 300+ witnesses, all you can do is laugh about it! plus there is the video…

  3. Tooooo funny! I bet some were worried about having a laugh after the “till death” part! Great take on the blog prompt. 🙂 I’ll be back!

  4. […] Okay, no fair. I already posted on 3. An inappropriate time to laugh (Writing Workshop: Laugh It Up). […]

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