Writing Workshop: Saving the Day 2

August 6, 2011

1.) Write about a time you or someone you know saved the day! In my previous post I wrote about my father-in-law and the realities of just a simple move while DH was at sea. I honestly do not know how military spouses handle everything by power of attorney all the time. I’m grateful I don’t have to do it that often.

Now I’m going to write about a friend’s husband who save the day one Christmas…

T1 was about 5 1/2 if I remember correctly. For as many pictures as I take I cannot believe I do not have a record of this… DH had been home for Christmas the two previous years so it was his turn to be at sea. Christmas was falling on a Sunday so I decided not to host the annual Christmas dinner at my house–with church and the drive down, it just wouldn’t be an enjoyable day. Besides, the children and I were going to leave for the beach–a gift from my parents–the very next morning. (We were supposed to leave Christmas day but “Santa” was too tired.)

We had been up visiting the old home congregation and family. “J” found T1 giggling in the hallway back by the classrooms. He asked her what she was giggling about.

“I have a secret!”

“What is your secret?”

“I told Santa what I wanted for Christmas but I haven’t told anyone else!”

“What did you tell Santa you wanted?”

“Tinker Bell and Swan Lake Barbie!”

“That’s a good secret!”

“J” found me after services were over and let me in on the “secret.” I knew about Tinker Bell and had already purchased the doll but I had no idea she wanted Swan Lake Barbie. That was completely out of the blue.

I can't find a new-in-box picture of the doll we got so this will have to do!

“Would you let me do this for you?” J asked me. “Our son was told the ‘truth’ too early by another child and Christmas just hasn’t been the same. She was so excited and so sweet. I’ll get her the Barbie.”

I was game. Shopping with the girls wasn’t like when they were little and I could just openly throw gifts in a cart and they’d never know. I told “J” what exactly Swan Lake Barbie was–his little girl was a beautiful high school student now so he did not know about all the new movies and associated dolls. I told him we’d be back up for services the week before Christmas and that would give him a few weeks to accomplish his special mission.

When “J” delivered the special gift he told me that he searched high and low for the Swan Lake Barbie and finally found it. He was so happy to do this for T1.

Christmas morning, just the three of us, was a quiet affair but the delight in T1’s eyes when not one but both of her “special secrets” were waiting for her was priceless and magical. I just wish I had a picture to share with “J” and his wife to show the joy they gave to our family.

We were able to continue the joy of Santa for several more years though we had children attempt to tell T1 the “truth” on more than one occasion. When we did let her know she remembered this Christmas and asked how she ended up with the Tinker Bell and Swan Lake Barbie. I told her all about “J” and how he helped me out when DH was at sea.

And now for an obscure link that may give away my anonymity¬†but only if you are paying attention…


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  1. I was fired from a job and came home, worried to death how, as a single parent, I would support my son. I walked in the door just in time to answer a call from an old boss of mine wondering if I could help him out in his new business. HE definitely saved the day!!

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