Writing Workshop: Saving the Day 1

August 4, 2011

1.) Write about a time you or someone you know saved the day! My father-in-law is an amazing man. I’ll admit that he was a bit intimidating when I first started dating DH (and when I was chasing his other son I was able to avoid him). I had no idea what to call him at first because he wasn’t retired from the Navy yet and the whole “Mom” and “Dad” thing was so awkward. I just call him by his first name now and we have a mutual love.

When DH and I decided to move south after determining that an addition to the house would be pointless I had no idea what we were getting into. I just knew I wanted to move and thanks to the medicines I was on after having T2 I felt up to the challenge. But the whole process would not go smoothly and even if I did feel like Wonder Woman, I was going to need help.

My parents have a very different philosophy on many things than do my in-laws—for example, you do not impose. Ever. DH and I decided very late in his home time to take on this project. We went house hunting on a Wednesday, again the following Monday, put a bid on the last house we saw and had it accepted, did a walk-through inspection on that Friday, and DH left that next Monday! And he wouldn’t be home for three months! Needless to say, and no disrespect to my family, but this course of action was not thought of very highly and I was expected to lie in my own bed without imposing on anyone as a consequence, come what may.

DH did not leave me so helpless—we had an awesome agent who went right to work getting the old house ready for sale. DH also took care of the financing and paperwork, including securing a bridge loan because we would close on the new home before we closed on the old one. But the best laid plans…

DH had done everything right for the bridge loan but he couldn’t control things on the bank’s end. My agent was calling the bank and getting status updates about where the money was so we could close with the correct down payment. Thirty-six hours to closing and no money in the bank had us all worried.

My best friend was helping me with packing and watching the children; my mother-in-law was tackling my kitchen and watching the children. All of this I had to keep on the down-low because of my parents’ opinion about “imposing.” Fine. I could handle this part of it. But I had no idea what we were going to do about the closing money.

Very near tears with 24 hours to go, I called my father-in-law. “They keep promising it will be in the account but we haven’t seen it. I go to closing at noon tomorrow. Do you have any certificates you could cash out for just a few days?”

“You’re not out of time yet but if it’s not there by this afternoon, call me and I will go to the bank right after work. You’ll have your down payment.”

He didn’t hesitate. He didn’t bat an eye at the amount we needed or even mention that he would take penalties for early cash-outs. He didn’t imply that my request was an imposition. He just spoke calmly and promised the day would be saved.

Thankfully the bank came through and though the agent and I were scrambling all morning to get the cashiers’ check and get down south for the closing, I had the loan money and closing took place without any more problems. I did get a hand cramp from having to sign by power of attorney but that was a small price to pay for getting a dream home.

I can’t say enough about my father-in-law. He raised an amazing son who is as generous and helpful as he is.

Tomorrow I will write on this topic again about a friend’s dear husband who saved the day with a Barbie!

This Week’s Prompts

1.) Write about a time you or someone you know saved the day!
2.) Who is the last person you spoke with on the phone for more than 30 minutes? Write about one thing you talked about.
3.) Write about a time you probably should have called for a ride home.
4.) Write a poem inspired by the word “Loss”.
5.) If you were to go back to the moment you decided to start a blog, what ten blogging tips would y ou share with yourself?

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One comment

  1. That’s wonderful! It’s hard when you feel like you shouldn’t/can’t ask for help from family is hard. You’re very lucky to have his family as your family, too 🙂 I know that if I needed help my ex in-laws would come to my rescue, even still. It’s nice to know you have some backing! 🙂

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