Not What I Expected…

July 25, 2011

I was at camp with T1 this time around. T2 was getting spoiled at Camp Grammy/MawMaw. T1 has always been the more demonstrative child, more free with kisses and expressions of love. While I had been away with T2 during her week of camp, I received text messages and “Tell Momma” messages added to the e-mails sent to T2 from T1 (who was having her turn at Camp Grammy/MawMaw) just about every day, if not more than once a day.

T2 texted me twice (and I’m being generous here) the ENTIRE week.

I was telling the counselors and other teachers about how different T1 and T2 are, how each expresses confidence in vastly different ways. I used the nonexistent text messages as proof.

When I got home T2 hugged me fiercely and declared how much she missed me. “Yeah? Then how come you never texted or e-mailed? Just one text message!”

“But Momma, you said we weren’t allowed to play with Grammy or MawMaw’s phones any more!”



  1. Boy, sure wish they had cell phones when I went to camp!! LoL…http://mylifencolor.wordpress.com

    • Only the teachers had cell phones. Counselors were allowed laptops but they are kept in the mess hall–how else were we going to watch USA vs. Japan? I also had my kindle but man, using it for the internet to FaceBook was so hard at times I didn’t even want to try updating my blog!

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