E.o.t.T.: I may complain…

July 15, 2011

…but the Torturer is worth every penny I pay him.

Now I have mystery swelling in my left hand. Pretty much exactly what has been going on in my left foot. And I was told no weight-lifting now. Okay, I’m already up a good 5 pounds easy from not running for the past 6 weeks (and cheating on the diet; I know, I know, I get it.) and now you want me not to “pump iron”?

While we try to figure out these mystery symptoms, the Torturer has already begun to modify my exercises to protect the hand but still allow me to weight-lift. I benched 95 lbs. today! And in between sets, I hold the offending hand up in the air to relieve the swelling.

X-rays are negative–no breaks, no dislocations.

Waiting on blood work.

Symptoms that I believe are all related:
1. right middle finger started hurting after lifting T1’s mattress off loft; swelling on and off for the past year; general “arthritic pain”*
2. chest wall inflammation from Dec. 2010 to March 2011; made me believe I had asthma; I had begun bench pressing and dumbbell flies in late November 2010 when symptoms started.
3. Left foot injured playing Wii at end of April; note both feet were injured but left shoe has a 12 mm heel lift to help even out my hips so it is like wearing a low heel all the time; ran on it for a month before crying “uncle.” Has a permanent bruise color on the top of the foot.
4. July 1st felt arthritic achy feeling in left hand pinky. Bench pressed that day, felt a little pain in knuckle from that; by Sunday July 3rd finger swollen like a sausage and could no longer bend it. It is hot to the touch and is reddish/purple like foot.

Being test for lyme (* not sure if the right hand problem was before or after I had been to Bible camp in 2010; two other teachers have had lyme disease), rheumatoid arthritis, and other general inflammatory diseases/illness. Will ask for the more accurate lyme test to be sure; will ask about fibromyalgia though I don’t believe I have the pressure point pains.

I’m trying not to worry it is more than just arthritis. I’m trying to leave it up to God. I’m going to power through my workouts but be realistic about the pain–no need to injure myself further. I’m having good days and bad days. Today was a good day.


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