E.o.t.T.: Wednesday 5/24 Circuit

May 25, 2011

See my E.o.t.T. page for disclaimers.

Eat at least an hour before this workout, with good carbs (oatmeal) and some protein. Bring plenty of water.

Warm-up #1

This work-out only lasts 10 minutes. Yup, only 10 minutes. You can survive anything for 10 minutes. The catch is that you have to try to get as many sets in as possible during that 10 minutes. You can rest and get water but that choice is up to you. My first day trying this I officially only got 5 sets in because I finished the 6th set at 10 minutes, 9 seconds. Today I got all 6 sets in at 9 minutes, 45 seconds.

The set includes:

12 bodyweight squats

push Prowler sled for 50 feet (this is a triangle sled with two upright poles to grab); no extra weight

12 push-ups (Torturer graciously let me do “girlie” push-ups for this)

push Prowler sled for 50 feet

12 jumping jacks

Repeat as many times as you can in 10 minutes; resting only after jumping jacks.

Cool down (and try not to barf or pass out).



  1. o.m.g.

    do you have Satan for a trainer? and can I have his/her phone #? LOL
    Good for you… results will come in NO time!!

    • He’s not quite that bad! Torturer, yes, but not Satan. He does want me to stop calling it torture or he won’t get any more clients! We’re at a stand-off right now because I know I have to stop cheating on his diet or I won’t get over this platuea that I’ve been on for a year. I’m building and sculpting muscle but I’ve still got some problem areas that donuts and pizza just love to hang on to. Maybe this new circuit is his not-so-subtle way of saying “Stop cheating or I will torture you!”

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