Writing Workshop: Car Gone…

May 12, 2011

3. Your first car. Keep in mind two things: I did not get my driver’s license until I was 20 and I never had a car on my own.

I took driver’s ed but I had acute bronchitis in my lower left lung and had bruised my ribs so I was on codeine. Yup. The football coach driver’s ed teacher let me get behind the wheel while doped up on codeine. I even recall him saying I drove like I was a roller coaster. I got a C for my behind the wheel time and average that with the A I got on the book portion and I passed the course with a B.

I did not get my driver’s license because as the youngest, my parents “learned from their past mistakes.” It turned out okay because I had good friends who would drive and in college I always had rides.

Later, DH taught me how to drive when he would come see me at school. We’d drive on two-lane highways. This was not necessarily a good experience and I know he will not be the person to teach me golf if I ever decide to finally learn.

DH had a 1991 Mercury Sable sedan. It was a beautiful burgundy color that turned green when covered with pollen. It was his baby and I have to admit, I loved her too. This is what I really learned to drive in and it was the first car I “owned”.

And totaled.

DH had only been gone a week and I was involved in an accident, failure to yield right of way. The suspension was broken and the car was totaled. DH did not have a cell phone yet so I couldn’t call him right away. His father helped me handle everything (even took me to court later). I didn’t know who to call or what to do. And it’s not like we get a handbook from the company about what to do in these or any other situation for that matter when the spouse is at sea.

This is one of the reasons I say that I got to grow up into adulthood with the biggest safety net beneath me. I never had to do any of these things–deal with insurance, set up bank accounts, turn on utilities, etc.–on my own and yet when DH was at sea I did have to do most of this relatively solo.

My father did not want me telling DH when he called. I could not do that—I had to tell him. Three days had gone by from the accident to when DH got in port to call. The first thing DH said was, “You’re okay?” The second thing he said was, “So what car do you want now?” I ended up borrowing my BIL’s car for a few months until DH got home and we could go buy another car—a Ford Explorer.

We had only been married two and half months and DH took this all in stride. But even still today he’ll remind me of that beautiful car and how I totaled her. I felt so guilty about the car that I called the mutt we got later that year Chewbacca Zobel—Zobel being German for Sable.

Now that we are past the baby-gear lugging stages, I do miss the sedan. Unfortunately, I still have scout troops and soccer gear to haul everywhere. It will be a while before we can downsize.

This Week’s Prompts
1.)    If you had to go back to high school, how would you do it differently?
2.) Describe a trait that attracted you to your significant other, but that now drives you a little crazy.
3.) Your first car.
4.) Describe how you met your best friend.
5.) Write a love letter to someone (some thing?) you love.

Bonus Vlog Option!
Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself out there on video, but it’s a fun and different option for a post and a great way for your readers to get to know you better. The problem is many of us don’t know what to vlog about…this bonus prompt option will give you the inspiration you need to create a short video for your blog. Now to drum up the courage…

6.) Introduce the people you spend time blogging about!

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  1. Craziness:) Glad he took it so well (I wrecked my husband’s car too….felt so bad)

  2. Good thing your father in law was there to help you after the accident.

    • I am blessed to have both families nearby; they just have very different dynamics. I think all of my in-laws know what it’s like and have always been there at the drop of a hat and very patient with me. And I think my FIL knows I don’t have the military or company support network that his wife and family had and I had to rely more on family to learn these things. Like I said, just very blessed.

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