The World Revolves Around…

May 7, 2011
Gravitation keeps the planets in orbit around ...

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Originally posted in 2009. The part of me that wants to remain anonymous has qualms about reposting this because it doesn’t speak highly of a family member but then again, I already posted it elsewhere and people know me there. Some things have changed in two years and others have not.

So I got my first Mother’s Day–that I can remember. Usually I have to spend Saturday night with the in-laws, but my MIL is gracious enough to let me pick the place. Sundays has always been a lunch with my mother and sister, no guys. And you guessed it, both outings are always about the grandmothers. I’ve often ranted about where is my mother’s day? They get Grandparent’s Day in September after all. Anyway, DH has never been home, or at least we can’t remember. If my scrapbooks were finished, I’d be able to tell you. So my mother graciously let me have Mother’s Day with him and my kids. Needless to say I was stunned and acted quickly when she said I better take her up on it before she changed her mind. (We’re actually going out tomorrow to have her mother’s day and birthday rolled into one.)

So we went out Saturday to a new restaurant with my in-laws. Nice place, good food. I’m a bit cranky and tired but good evening all in all. So all of a sudden my MIL whips out presents for the children. WHAT?! You’ve got to be kidding me! It’s Mother’s Day! Not “Thank you for making me a Grandmother Day!” To quote DH, it’s like giving them a present just because they sneezed! There were lots of eyes rolling at my end of the table.

The next day I got to sleep in relatively late. I mean I still had to get up for church and all. T2 loudly announced in my ear she wanted to give me breakfast in bed… I had to tell her I wasn’t that kind of Mom. Cute presents from school and scouts. DH gets the children ready and heads off to church so I can shower in peace and join them later. Off to church.

T2 made me a cute heart filled with peppermint patties. YUM. We’re leaving church and I notice one is missing. T1 looks at me with a big smile and says she ate the missing one. Deep breath.

We take two cars to the restaurant of my choice. Perfect time for a lecture on how the world does not revolve around T1. How very rude to take a piece of a gift meant for me without asking. I tell T1, yeah, in the first year of life when all a baby does is eat sleep and poop, the world kind of does revolve around children. But 9 is an age when we really need to start thinking about others and having a giving heart, a serving heart. Stop assuming Momma’s things are for everyone. I find it funny how they make a huge deal about their own modesty but have no qualms about walking in on me.

I add to this conversations the confessions of a selfish mother to let her know I understand. I tell her that nothing in my mother’s room was sacred. I also pointed out that this has caused problems–people need boundaries and there were none (and if my mother had her way, there still wouldn’t be any). I also told her to ask her aunt about how there was nothing sacred in her room either. But it’s a lesson T1 needs to learn now.

But it’s not all my children’s fault. And I say this: For crying out loud, their grandmother gave THEM presents on MOTHER’s DAY!!! What is that telling them if not that the world does in fact revolve around them? I’m trying to prepare my children to the arrival of several new cousins this summer (by adoption, birth, and marriage) and how they are going to have to share big time.

So I conclude by reiterating that “I know how hard it is to be selfish but we need to have serving hearts like Christ, and that I understand it’s not entirely their fault, and that it is not something to be crying about. Why are you crying?”

“Because Momma, I know the world doesn’t revolve around me. It revolves around the sun!”

Darn those SOLs.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. I hope you get to celebrate it your way. I am spending it with my mother because DH is at sea this year.


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