Writing Workshop: Crushing on You!

May 4, 2011

3.) A boy you had a crush on…where is he now? Um,… he’s sitting on the couch at my in-laws’ house and he’s not my husband.

Bet you weren’t expecting that one. 🙂

I was in the 7th grade and he just moved here from Hawaii. He was going into the 8th grade. We went to the same church but different schools. I chased him. He chased another girl in our youth group. I didn’t even know DH existed—he was a senior in high school.

In 8th I continued to chase him. He continued to chase the same girl. DH had left for USMMA—still not sure I knew he existed.

In 9th grade I continued to chase him when I wasn’t dating other guys. He continued to chase the same girl. DH became an annoying voice on the phone that would pick up then yell for him, “It’s your giirrrrlllfriend!” I met the older sister at a church lock-in this year too.

In 10th grade I continued to chase him when I wasn’t dating other guys. He continued to chase the same girl. Everyone in the youth group was going to homecoming together at the school the majority of us went to. He and I were actually dates. But we spent the entire night “counseling” his crush and her boyfriend to keep them together because they broke up three times that night. I had never spent so much time in a bathroom before. DH would come home from the academy and his parents made him (or it was actually a school requirement) wear his uniform to church. He would serve communion and all the girls in the youth group would drool over him (I know! How sacrilegious!). My crush would ask, “What am I? Chopped liver?” Yes, yes you are.

In 11th grade I continued to chase him after my first long-term boyfriend and I broke up. He continued to chase the same girl. DH was the same—annoying but man, summer whites looked good on him! DH graduated at the end of the year and started full-time employment, sailing for 6 months straight.

In 12th grade I continued to chase him when I wasn’t dating other guys. He was in his first year at college. He was still chasing the same girl. I asked him to write. Never did; said he was too busy.

I came home from my first semester from college along with the rest of the youth group. I found out he had written not only to his crush but another girl—not one peep to me. DH walked over and I said, “Even DH found the time to write to me!” DH played along and was like, “Yeah, what’s wrong with you?” DH drove me home that night and asked for my address, saying he didn’t want to lie to his brother. I think we both realized I was no longer jail bait at that point. Some innocent flirting, a school dance (where I flirted with another guy), some letters and lost mail, and a phone call 8 months later and the rest is history.

My brother-in-law is awesome. We were just destined to be sister and brother, for he truly is my brother. We say, “Eww gross! Don’t touch me!” and I always shove him away when he tries to hug me. He knows if he really wants to tease me he says “I love you!” in that really annoying voice I remember DH used on the phone way back when.

He is there for me and T1 and T2. I think the children have dealt so well with DH being at sea because their grandfather and uncle are such a big part of their lives. I will admit though, there were times when I was struggling with DH being at sea, he’d try to put an arm around me—as a brother—and I’d say, “I don’t want you and your arm. Why can’t you be the one at sea and he be home here with me?”

When DH and I started dating people questioned it and would not exercise tact and ask if DH was just a substitute because I had such a long crush on his brother. Truthfully, I thought about it and I’m sure DH did too, but after our first two dates there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I loved DH for DH. They were and are two completely different men. My mother-in-law gets mad when I say “I married the better brother!” So I always have to add “For me, of course!” (But I do think I married the better brother! XO)

I am still waiting for a sister-in-law because oh! Do I have some stories to share!

Writing Prompts:

1.) A memorable high school job.
2.) That time you ran away from home.
3.) A boy you had a crush on…where is he now?
4.) Ode to your mother…write about a special memory you have of your mom in honor of Mother’s Day.
5.) 10 reasons why you could not be a real housewife from any county.

Bonus Vlog Option!

Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself out there on video, but it’s a fun and different option for a post and a great way for your readers to get to know you better. The problem is many of us don’t know what to vlog about…this bonus prompt option will give you the inspiration you need to create a short video for your blog. Now to drum up the courage…

6.) Last week we talked about how your blog got it’s name…this week show us where the magic happens! Where do you do your blogging? When does it get done? How long does it take to write a post? How much time do you spend on the computer? etc. Tell us about the process.

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  1. What a sweet post. So glad you finally recognized the right one!

  2. How funny you had such a crush on your brother in law growing up. When he does get married you will have a lot of fun stories to share with his wife.

  3. What a cute story! It sounds like your crush was really just the making of a strong friendship and sister-brother bond; you are blessed to have gained the love of your life and a brother, too. 🙂

  4. Thats a great story!! Im glad its not weird for everyone 🙂

  5. Ha! This is great. I love how relationships work themselves out like puzzles over the years.

    My husband is in a similar situation. He went with our now sister-in-law to prom. She later married Mike’s brother, so we each tout that we married the best brother. And, sure, I married the best brother for me, but I too married the best brother period. 😉

  6. what a fun convoluted story… love that you have a brother/sister bond with your DH’s brother!!

  7. What a funny story at least you have tons of childhood stories to make fun of him with!!

  8. HaHA! You got me with that first line! You’re right, unexpected. 😉 Glad you married the better brother for you.

    Visiting from Mama Kats =)

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