$600 later…

April 27, 2011

Poor Cassie the greyhound. She’s been doing great since her limping episode and is back to running, liking her daily Dasuquin chews. Then she starts limping on Sunday night, right rear leg.

At first I thought the leg fell asleep–she used to do that a lot when we first got her. It’s hilarious to watch the limping when the leg is asleep. But by Tuesday there really wasn’t an improvement and when I was able to get a look there appeared to be a cut on a pad–but she wouldn’t let me touch it or look too long. I figure it doesn’t look infected and she’s not licking the death out of it.

I got her an appointment the next day–today. I took her out the back door, watching her hop on her left leg all the way up the driveway. I had to pick her up and get her into the back of the car. She wouldn’t lay down even though trying to balance on three legs was a bit scarier than usual. She took a couple of tumbles at stop lights or sudden accelerations. Not a peep out of her though.

I let her hop out of the car and notice she’s putting weight on her right leg. Oh sure, Cassie, be all cured now that we’re here. But I noticed she was walking very unsteadily. I get to the door and I see that the middle toe on her left hind leg is at a very odd angle. When did that happen? Did I miss something? Is that blood?

Upon examination the vet concludes the cut on the paw may be the source of the original limping but it was healing well. The pain of the left leg is superseding the pain in the right. She needed sedation and x-rays. The sedation would help if they need to do anything to the toe and for splinting purposes.

During the x-ray prep the tech busts open a fresh but healed over gash on the right knee–also a probably cause to the limp. Going to need cleaning and staples.

X-rays are clear; the vet was able to pop the toe back into place; and they splinted her. There is no orthopedic cause for the original limping so we have to assume the cut pad and the banged up knee were the cause.

She will be in a splint for 4-6 weeks and I have to get it changed every week. She has an anti-inflamatory again and an antibiotic because we want to prevent infection in the toe joint to avoid amputation.

I texted DH all of this and then he calls. “Take her in for one thing and she comes out worse?!” He can laugh. I’m not laughing.

I have to keep the splint clean and dry. I have to even put a plastic bootie over it when we let her out of the house. Great. Yeah, I’m not laughing.

I’m going to be transporting her in DH’s big truck extending cab because she’s less likely to stumble around the back like she does in my SUV. I think she got her good foot stuck in the handhold for the rear seat and that’s how she dislocated her toe.

I cringe at the bill but like DH said, she’s worth it.

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