Writer’s Workshop: Purse Psychology

April 14, 2011

5.) What do the contents of your handbag/purse “say” about you?
(inspired by Kristi from Live And Love Out Loud)

First of all, the outside of my current purse may say a lot more about me and my frame of mind right now: I am lugging around a gray satchel with Wonder Woman on the front. I’ve mentioned before that I have superhero and 80s tees and I also have this purse and another bag that says “Let me teach you something” with one of the retro Barbies on it.

I realize I’m not dressing my age and this is borderline inappropriate but most of the time I am just running from the trainer and doing a few errands. I started buying the tees because they were from my childhood: Barbie and the Rockers, Rainbow Bright, R2D2. Then the SuperGirl and Wonder Woman shirts came out. I think if the BatGirl shirt wasn’t in stupid pink (like most of the SuperGirl shirts were too) I would have gotten one of those too. Now I wear them to “feel” stronger when the Torturer kicks my butt.

And I wear them to remind myself of my strength.

The contents are another story:

Chapstick—this is the backup stick for the one I have in my pocket at all times

Dayplanner—receipts, appointment cards, coupons that I’ll never remember to use, and a calendar that needs its own translator to figure out

Pocket PC—normally in there but not at the moment; just a small computer with my digital calendar, contacts, notes, and games

Inhaler—just in case but probably useless because the issue is not lung related as far as we can tell

Glasses case—with cleaning cloth and my Magic Clips; I cannot go anywhere, even overcast Scotland, without them!

Vera Bradley Wallet—doesn’t exactly go in a Wonder Woman satchel but it was a Christmas gift from a Vera Bradley enthusiast and I’d never spend the money for one myself

Brown fake leather wallet—with all my discount cards, Red Cross Donor card, library cards…

Pens—greyhound pen says I own one; Creative Memories pen says I am a consultant; Sharpie Pens say I know good pens when I see them

Scraps of paper—for lists, lists, and more lists; some are completed some are in progress

Kindle in blue protector sleeve: with quite the eclectic selection of books—now that would be a writer’s prompt “What do the books on your e-reader say about you?”

Camera—I never ever go anywhere without it; do I always use it? No but I always have it.

Batteries—for said camera

Cell phone—if it’s not in my pocket

Flashdrive—with all the science fair experiment pictures on it; I just haven’t taken it out

Memory Card—with contemporary Christian music for my MP3 player

Tissues—been sick recently

Checkbook—yes, I am the annoying person who stops all traffic in the checkout line because I am writing a check

What you don’t see in my purse: make-up because I just don’t wear any and pictures. I had my purse stolen at my first job and I had pictures in there that could never be replaced. That was 20 some years ago and it still sticks with me.

Writing Prompts:

1.) The moment I realized I was a grown up.
(inspired by Tonya from Letters for Lucas)

2.) Based on their personalities, what do you think your children will be when they grow up?
(inspired by Leslie from Motherhood in Mexico)

3.) What I lack . . .
(inspired by Angie from The Jammie Girl)

4.) A time you covered your tracks and avoided punishment.

5.) What do the contents of your handbag/purse “say” about you?
(inspired by Kristi from Live And Love Out Loud)

If you want to know more about Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, click on that trophy over there…


  1. I don’t think the purse or the t-shirts are inappropriate. My “kid” t-shirts are some of my comfiest and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I so wanted a photo of your Wonder Woman purse! And I’m in love with the idea of a prompt with “What do the books on your e-reader say about you?” I might have to steal that and write about it myself! (You have a very practical purse I think.)

    • I will work on getting a photo of it for you and post it later today!

  3. I love that outwardly you project your Wonder Woman strength, but inside, you embrace the feminine of Vera Bradley! 🙂

    Your my kind of girl!

    Visiting from Mama’s . . .

  4. Oh I just love it! Now that iis a bag with PURSEsonality! HAHA!

  5. An extra tube of chapstick is always a must.

  6. Love that Barbie bag!

  7. […] posted a picture of the gray satchel before. This is my newest next to it. But I don’t really carry shoulder bags anymore as […]

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