Unfair Advantage

April 13, 2011

Okay, I’m about to do something I normally wouldn’t. I’m going in to the Parks & Rec office and filing a complaint about a team. Believe me–I am 100% not one of those parents that believes everyone should be a winner. I believe losing builds character, drive, and personal responsibility.

Here’s the problem: there is a team in T1’s age division that clearly at this point, having been division champions three seasons in a row, is playing teams way below their level. They slaughter every team they come up against. It goes beyond them just being a better team–that goes without saying.

Having watched this team clearly dominate our team in the past and watching the bloodbath tonight AND knowing no other team in the division can come close to them, I have got to ask why they were not aged up. Keeping them in their age group does not only the other 6 teams a disservice but it does a disservice to this team. They should be challenged. They should have a chance to eat some humble pie.

Every one of the other 6 teams has no chance of ever coming in first place. None. And this will be the 4th season this will happen.

This team is amazing. The majority have been together since they were 8 years old. I know a few of those players were on T1’s previous teams. However there was never a team/coach loyalty from their parents who shopped their players around until they got on a winning team. T1 was on a start-up team (and teams without any, ANY relief players)every season until last fall when we finally had 11 of the 13 players come back. This is our 3rd season together and while we have improved we still have a long way to go.

And yes, I am, as both a parent and as a former coach, a bit bitter about these circumstances. As a player who had to constantly be on a team that was just learning the basics every single time, there was never a chance for T1 to improve personally. Certainly not with me as coach–I cannot teach skills.

This is Parks & Rec, for crying out loud. Not travel teams. I really think P&R should age this powerhouse team up to the next age level. They are clearly too dominant and the other teams of this age division should be given a chance to grow themselves, not learn to have to always settle for second best.

EDIT: I really don’t want to be “that parent.” This situation was/is very stressful for me. Knowing that no matter what I do will have unintended consequences just builds guilt in me. T1 and I will enjoy the rest of the season and put this behind us–and that’s the example I need to set for her.

I was given the opportunity to speak my mind, hand it over to those that needed to know and given them the chance to act upon it or not–now it is out of my hands. I always feel I would want the opportunity to make things better but so many are afraid of confrontation that they do nothing and nothing gets better and I cannot improve myself if I didn’t know there was a problem to begin with.

While I know going in to P&R was a rash impulse, as was my whole night, and I am second guessing everything about this, it is now giving me the chance to step back and remove myself from the emotion of the situation. Again, that let’s me focus on being a good example for T1 and make sure any negativity stops with me and goes nowhere else.

Again, I really don’t want to be “that parent.” I hope I didn’t just become her.


One comment

  1. Okay, so the P&R guy seemed a bit taken aback by me. I tried to be calm. All he can do is suggest, if the official record shows unbalanced dominance, to the coach about aging up to the next division. He cannot force them. I understand this and said I appreciate that he is just making the suggestion. That’s all I can ask for and that’s all I wanted.

    I had panic attacks about this all night.

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