E.o.t.T.: Wii Active 2

April 10, 2011

The whole Wii was a surprise from DH for Christmas 2009. We got Wii Active instead of Wii Fit because all the yoga stuff just didn’t appeal to us. I used Wii Active a lot when I first started out with the Torturer because at that time I was only going once a week. I will admit I haven’t been using the Wii much at all lately though the children will use it.

T1 & T2 both liked the Wii Active but poor T2 would get so frustrated because the system could not see the controller in the leg strap–too short–so it would not register any movement.

I saw Wii Active 2 and the new heart rate monitor and leg strap. It was a bit pricey but I felt it was worth it so that all of us could take advantage of the workouts.

We broke it out this weekend. Whew! Thankfully my almost 11-year-old set it up for me and we’re good to go. T2 does not have any problem having movement registered. T1 has made up a workout made entirely out of soccer related exercises. I like the heart rate monitor though I’m not sure the leg sensor worked 100% on me. Go figure.

I am impressed that I could complete in the target calorie burn range the whole workout I picked–including those nasty mountain climbers! I think that has been the most rewarding thing about the personal training lately. The Torturer has me running 10+ minutes NONstop; I did MAN push-ups for the first time last week; I can do glute ham raises without my hip feeling like it is being ripped out of its socket (this is also a major part of being able to run without pain too!). I could not have done any of this a year ago. I simply couldn’t.

I have far to go but man, I have come far. E.o.t.T.!


One comment

  1. The running part with the Wii Active always killed me. I did my best to mimic the hand/leg motion the exercise called for, but it didn’t always recognize that I was “running.” Plus, running in place was annoying, so I ran around the area in front of the TV instead. 🙂

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