Writing Workshop: High Road

April 6, 2011

4.) What battle are you fighting? Write a poem overcoming. I am so not a poet. I make up my own rules and none of it makes sense but I thought I’d give this one a go. Try not to laugh too hard!

High Road. Low Road.

Turn the other cheek.


Man versus Nature.

Man versus Man.

Man versus Self.

These are the basis of all struggles.

Acknowledge the pain.

Recognize the problem.


What is your role?

Realize. Accept. Plan.

The only one you can change is Self.

Taking action changes the status quo.

Help has a purpose.

It doesn’t mean weakness.


Avoid blame game.

Never helpful.

Redirect thoughts, reactions.

Changing self takes courage.

High Road. Lonely Road.

Frustration and anger consume.

Sin not.

Peace. Quietness. Confidence.

Take comfort in these.

These are His gifts.

Know that He always provides a way.

Low Road? Not the way.

Rise above.


Do the right thing.

It just is should be sufficient enough.

Grace always is.

Never let anyone take that from you.

Time and skills.

These heal.


Grow in the sunlight.

Kill with kindness.

Stand strong and outlast.

Triumph is sweet satisfaction.


Writing Prompts:

1.) Your 15 minutes of fame.

2.) A rule I broke.

3.) If you really knew me, you would know that…

4.) What battle are you fighting? Write a poem overcoming.

5.) Write about someone who made your childhood bearable.

If you want more information about Mama Kat’s Writing Workshops, click on that trophy over there…



  1. Visiting from Mama Kats.
    I think this was an amazing poem for someone who does not consider themself a poet.

  2. I am certainly no poet either, but I do know that a poet speaks from their heart and I believe you did that. Great job!!!

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