Writing Workshop: Inspiration

March 17, 2011

5. I am inspired by… things that declare God’s glory; things that make me feel small and humble and show me that as small as I am in the big picture, He still loves me.

Grand Canyon; Colorado River; the Alligator copyright SnipeWife

Duck on a Rock; Grand Canyon copyright SnipeWife

"Butterfly on Patriotic Tie Dye" copyright SnipeWife

Cross in the Clearing copyright SnipeWife

Sunrise copyright DCP

The landlubber that I am, I find the quiet of the woods or the babbling of a stream peaceful and restoring. Looking at the magnificent handiwork of Creation in the splendor of the Grand Canyon was awe-inspiring. Amateur photography cannot begin to capture the scale and beauty.

I did not quite understand what DH experiences at sea every time until I sailed with him. When there is absolutely nothing else around but sky and sea, you feel small and you know that your life is in God’s hands. DH took me out on deck around midnight and the sky was so bright with stars that I did not need a flashlight. I could not tell where sky ended and the sea began, the reflection of the Milky Way Galaxy was so crisp and clear that night. Abraham was told his descendants would number the stars… and yet each of us is loved and valued and known by God.

Writing Prompts:
1.) A story of love.
2.) 10 Things my mother taught me.
3.) I often daydream about…
4.) You have an hour to kill on the telephone…who do you call and why?
5.) I’m inspired by… (A photo journal entry)

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  1. The Grand Canyon is awe inspiring, isn’t it? I think it is hard to capture its grandeur no matter how good a photographer you are.

    • I totally agree! How do you capture the scale of something so huge in a 2-D format? The colors even come out flat and yet it was so dazzling. Sedona is amazing too. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I’ve never been out on the sea but your description sounds incredible! God is great and that inspires me too! I enjoyed all your pictures here.

    Stopping by from writer’s workshop. Here’s links to mine if you get a chance to visit:
    http://karenzemek.blogspot.com/2011/03/story-of-love-writers-workshop.html and

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