E.o.t.T. Goals Revisted

March 14, 2011

or adjusted.

I still go to Torture. I am enjoying the fact I can pull my jeans on and off without unbuttoning them. I enjoyed the fact the miracle tailor had to remake my pants, even if he did say I had no butt. And I enjoy cheating on the diet and eating out a lot. And I am within grasp of the goal I set for myself.

So the Torturer and I had a talk. I’m going to pick another goal weight: a realistic one that will lower my BMI to within Normal ranges and that will look good on my frame. I am going to start weighing in on Fridays at the gym. As I pull out my spring and summer clothes, I am going to start throwing out clothes that are too big, purchase replacement clothes in more realistic sizes and pick one pair of shorts that are currently too snug for my personal tastes as something to try to get into by summer.

My new goal weight as of what I weighed in at this morning is 17 more pounds to go. Perhaps if I’m not so close to my goal, I will resist the piece of cake at every celebration or choose not to clean my plate at the restaurant.

I’m going for a physical next week so I will finally get some blood work to see how those goals are going. I really hope I’ve made a difference in my blood sugar and lipid panel.

I was scrapbooking pictures taken two months prior to starting with the Torturer. Wow. And yet, I can’t stand any of the pictures D took of me on our recent trip–and the clothes fit. But I love, love the family portraits we had taken in September–I was smiling and relaxed. I guess I’m a person that just needs to carry my own soft lighting and editing software wherever I go–or just be the one taking the pictures.


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