E.o.t.T.: Goals

February 25, 2011

In addition to prolonging the onset of diabetes, I have some personal goals in this training journey.

1. lower blood sugar

2. better lipid panel

3. get to what I weighed on my wedding day (lose 30 lbs.) by my 15th anniversary
* I was shy of this by about 2 lbs. I am currently 3 lbs. shy

4. strengthen my back to help with back pain

5. run without gasping

6. actually fit in my clothes

My torturer actually wants to see me down another 20 lbs. He actually said 30 at one point. Keep in mind this is all based on what my BMI is supposed to be. Those numbers I haven’t seen since middle school to be honest. I’m game–I’d just like to get to my goal first.

I’ve stressed to the children that this is about health. Though they know and threaten to rat me out to the torturer every time I cheat on the diet. They know they have benefited from not going through the drive thru so much. They know I want to be around and healthy for a long time.

So I’ve cheated twice this week–mexican potluck and pizza last night. Salt does me in. Let’s not talk about chinese or hibachi. Oh, wait, we’re having that Saturday night.

I’m also having female issues that are keeping me bloated (this is going to have to be a protected post one of these days).

But maybe actually posting my progress will keep me from cheating so much. I can only tell myself muscle weighs more with each bite of cake so many times and then even I won’t believe it.



  1. After my recent clinic visits, I have some numbers for my BMI. I used a free calculator online to compare and to use numbers from my birthday suit weigh-ins as opposed to the weight at the doctor’s office fully dressed and wearing shoes.

    Right now I have a BMI of 25.84. Anything over 25 is considered overweight. (Fully clothed and after three meals, my BMI was 26.1 at the clinic.) This number has dropped considerably for me and I’m so close. The website does mention that other calculators that take measurements at bicep, chest, natural waist, hips, and thighs is more accurate. My torturer agrees and will periodically take measurements. I don’t have current numbers as the torturer is waiting for me to get to my goal to take them.

    If I go just 10 lbs. below my goal, I will have a BMI of 23.96. That is within normal ranges. I like having these numbers to guide me. Maybe I’ll think of them as we go out for Chinese tonight!

  2. I have to say you’re doing REALLY GREAT! I weigh about 50 lbs more than my first wedding day…I just don’t have it in me to do what you do. Also, I can’t afford a trainer any more. I was working with one when The Ex left. I hate him for that…I hate him for so many things! HA…J/K (kind of). I cheat all the time. This week was awful. I think I hate a dozen or more Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups (the big ones)…It was just terrible.

    • Because I actually fear diabetes more than any other disease, knowing I was on a fast track to developing it by 40 and thus shortening my life significantly, is the motivating factor–pay for the trainer now or pay medical bills and miss out on life later. The fact I only pay the trainer is a bonus. No gym fee, no wasted money. Keep up with the running. We’ll motivate each other!

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