Writer’s Workshop: It’s too Quiet. Where’s the Sharpie?

February 23, 2011

2. What did they get into now? DH read these and we both said at the same time “Sharpie Marker!” so I knew I had to answer #2.

T1 was 17 months old, able to walk and climb and was pretty verbal too. It was half an hour before her bedtime. I wanted to get laundry done so I asked DH to watch her. “Sure. No problem.” Our family room in that house was L shaped, but oriented like the Greek letter Gamma (upside down and backwards L) and DH’s desk was in the short part while the TV and the couch were hidden on the long part.

Half an hour. I believe we didn’t have cable at the time so she was probably watching a video. DH was on the computer.

I came down the stairs which were next to DH’s desk and I rounded the corner to get T1 and I gasped. “NO! Weren’t you watching her?!” (I was probably not as nice at the time, and in fact I remember being more than a bit perturbed.)



“But she was so quiet!”

And we caught her just as she was about to start on her face. The bottom of her sippy cup was colored in. Both hands were black. Her thighs had streaks and her onesie was ruined. Even parts of the old couch were marked. And she never once made a sound.

We were fairly certain sharpie markers were nontoxic but we bathed her any way to scrub as much of the ink off as we could. The rest would have to fade away.

Sadly this was not the last time this would occur. Probably about a year later she got washable markers out during nap time and colored her white bed, walls, and body. T2 would later get those same markers and color the hallway. At least they were washable this time.

Writing Prompts:
1.) Lesson learned!
2.) What did they get into now? Describe a time your toddler got into something they shouldn’t have.
3.) Describe a time when someone was proud of you.
4.) Write a poem about something you are looking forward to.
5.) Watcha’ cookin? Share a recipe.

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Scrapbooking Note:
While this page is very plain, I had a purpose. I gave two and half year old T1 a marker and told her to scribble on the page. We then traced her hand on the page to show how big she now was. This page is actually opposite a really pretty page with some of the prettiest pictures I ever took of T1. If you notice, I left room to journal–I always leave out the journaling. Wait. I just journaled here!


One comment

  1. Been there!! I remember locking myself in the bathroom once so I could interview someone for the newspaper (I worked from home) and coming out to find red pen all over my newly painted kitchen walls. YIKES! Kids…good thing we love them, right? 🙂

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