E.o.t.T.: 20 Second Circuit, x3

February 19, 2011

20 Second Circuit, x3

This circuit is used when I have the opportunity to come in three times a week and my Monday/Friday routines are a lot of heavy lifting. Please see my E.o.t.T. page for Disclaimers.

Warm-Up #4 (will post separately; see the category E.o.t.T.)

Complete each activity for 20 seconds except where noted; three minutes rest; repeat three times. (If you are up to it, go for a fourth repetition.)

Inverted push-ups (Unless you have a fixed bar, you will need a spotter to hold the bar in place.)

Walking lunges (Up and back the length of the room, approx. 8-10 steps each way.)


Russian Twists on mat with 10 lbs.

Wall Holds for 40 seconds

Overhead press with 12 lbs each hand

Kettle bell pull-throughs, 30 lbs., 20 repetitions

Hand walks, about half the length of the room, up and back twice (Try to be as straight as you can, do not let your back sag.)


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