Writer’s Prompt: I’ll Never Forget!

February 17, 2011

4. A memorable date. (Here is my semi-autobiographical, fiction style response just to shake things up a bit.)

I left DH a phone message. “I figured that because you did not have my home address, you probably did not have my home phone number. Let me know if you’d like to go to the movies or something.” It was the second time I’d asked him out. I was taking a chance so it would be the last if things did not work out. The ball was in his court.

                It was a few days before he returned home and got settled. I was home from work when he called. “Thanks for leaving me your number.”

                “Sure. It took a month to get your letter routed to me.”

                “Sorry about that. I don’t get much notice when it’s time to go back to work. I forgot your school gets out in May. We always went through June.”

                “Hey, it got to me. Thanks for writing back.” It had been several months since we got the chance to talk on the phone. I enjoyed the sound of his voice. “So, did you want to go to the movies this weekend?”

                “Sure. What’s playing and what do you want to see?” It took everything not to squeal. We discussed our options. Two of my most favorite actors had movies out: Harrison Ford in The Fugitive and Sean Connery in Rising Sun. Which would be a better first official date? We decided to go with Rising Sun because it was not a remake.

                Everything about the date was exciting and awkward all at the same time. I had asked him out. Should I pay? He’s the one with the real job—I was just a college student. In the end, he paid but I didn’t want him spending too much extra on concessions so we were going to share a soda. We hadn’t even kissed yet and we were going to share a drink. I didn’t even like diet soda.

                Thank God for that soda! The murder mystery and the sexy Highland brogue were great but 40 minutes of the movie could have been cut by not replaying the surveillance footage of the murder (which happened during sex) over and over again, “looking for clues.” Every time the scene replayed DH and I would reach for the soda and take an awkward drink, trying not to look at each other. It was definitely a thriller and did not disappoint on the suspense but it was not first date material.

                With only one movie theater in town, it was inevitable that we would run into people we knew. We laughed about the choice of movie, DH not letting me forget that it was I who chose it, and made our way out into the crowded halls of the mall. We hadn’t made it 100 feet from the theater entrance, holding hands but quickly dropped, when we ran into his parents going to see the Harrison Ford movie. I blushed a great deal when his mother asked, “How was the movie?”

                “Good but it’s not one I recommend you see. It has some moments in it that could have been cut.” I did not want his parents to know what kind of movie I took their son to! I was relieved they had chosen The Fugitive.

                His parents were not the only people we ran into at the mall. We met at least two other people from church in various stores. I felt like “Does everyone know we’re on a date?” We left the mall to take a walk in a quieter, less crowded location. As the evening ended the next awkward moment came—in spite of the poor movie choice, did both of us have a good enough time to want to go out again?

                “So, I’ve asked you out on both of our first dates. I had a good time, both times. I gave you my home number. It’s up to you now.”

                DH smiled the smile I grew to love seeing. “So, want to go to a movie on Wednesday?”

                “Yes. I get off work at 2.” Then almost at the same time, we said, “The Fugitive this time!”

                **On a footnote, it was several years later when his parents finally saw Rising Sun. My mother in law remarked, “And that was your first date?” Yes, I know; and I’m the one who chose it.

Writing Prompts:

1.)    A vacation to remember.
2.) Finding the balance. How do you manage?
3.) Husbands. A post that hopefully will not get you in trouble.
4.) A memorable date.
5.) How’s that New Years Resolution treating you?

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  1. So now of course I’m wondering what was true and what was false. I know– the movie was actually “Disclosure”! : )

    Visiting from Mama Kats.

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