Personal: Fruits of the Spirit 1

February 7, 2011

Okay, so I said I wanted to study the Fruits of the Spirit as a resolution this year. I’m finally getting around to it. And I’m going to take it one bite at a time. My thoughts here are for my edification. I have definite opinions that are, for lack of better terms, of a conservative bent and will most likely offend on some level readers of this blog. My intent is not to offend. Nor is it to open up to debate my personal beliefs. If my beliefs cannot be respected, please  do not continue reading this post and come back on another day.

Luke 6:43-45 Each tree is recognized by its own fruit.

What kind of fruit do I produce? Is it good fruit? Is it bad fruit? Am I a good tree or a bad tree? How do I know if I’m producing fruit?

I think some people only produce the fruit within their own family. And there is nothing wrong with raising a believing family. In some ways, as many fall away and no longer worship, to have a faithful family is an accomplishment in itself these days!

T1 was baptized this summer and it was an emotional journey. I had a “drive me to my knees” moment of humility when I had to realize this decision had nothing to do with me–I kept praying and talking to others about “how will I know? I have asked God to let me know…” when I really needed to be praying “God let T1 know without a doubt, 100%, that the time was right.” It was T1’s decision to make after all. As people were congratulating me and DH, I actually felt embarrassed, having been humbled. But I also think about it in this way–our job, just like T1’s journey, is just beginning. We now have to help T1 continue to grow spiritually, to live a Christian life, to grow beyond milk and eat meat. Otherwise, T1 will fall away when the choice to worship is no longer up to me and DH.

We are studying with T2 who has been chomping at the bit since T1’s baptism. T2’s age is a serious concern but her enthusiasm and ready understanding is greater than many twice T2’s age.

They are or will be the fruit that DH and I produce, with God’s grace. Is that enough? What other fruit do I produce?

My scout troop meets in the building where my family goes to church. I am the go-between the two organizations so I guess it can be assumed I go to church there. I have taught a religious scout award program three times now. Recently, two scout leader friends have both joyously acknowledged that they have found “new church homes.” I did not realize either was searching.

I wonder why neither asked to attend services where I go to check it out. Is it me? Am I not a good example? I am certainly not a person who invites others to church services. I have surprised myself by teaching the scout program. Was I wrong to assume that they would know I go to church and they would ask to join me? Or did I at least get them thinking about wanting more and therefore they at least start looking, even if not considering me? I know one has made a concerted effort not to use foul language around me. They are of different denominations so perhaps they started with what they were most familiar.

Is this another case where, except for not actively inviting people, I have to take “I” and “me” out of it? If a person is truly searching, God will find a way. Maybe this is just the beginning. Maybe if I work harder on the fruits I am producing, I can be more effective at being a light for God.


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